Warehouse Fit-Out Contractors

Vanguard Contracts provides extensive, bespoke warehouse fit outs at your location. We maximise your available space with more than just mezzanine floors. Our warehouse fit out services help to improve safety, add value to your building, increase productivity and eliminate the need to relocate 

Industrial Fit Out Services

Vanguard’s sector-specific experience ensures we deliver the perfect industrial proven solution, on budget, with the minimum disruption to ongoing production.

Bespoke Warehouse Fitout Services

Our Project Managers ensure realistic time frames are set, to complete your industrial project on time and on budget, ensuring your experience is as smooth as possible.

Vanguard’s sector-specific experience ensures we deliver the perfect industrial proven solution, on budget, with the minimum disruption to ongoing production.

The relocation of your industrial business premises can be a very challenging time, at Vanguard Contracts our Project Managers understand this, ensuring realistic time frames are set to meet your business needs.

We complete our Interior Fit Outs on time and on budget ensuring your transition is as smooth as possible.

A renovation of your industrial premises can add value to your building, improve safety, increase productivity and eliminate the need to relocate. Our experience in this sector enables us to find the perfect solution to revitalise your site.

Whether you require a mezzanine floor potentially doubling your floor space, new areas for offices, production or storage spaces; Vanguard Contracts can maximise your potential within your existing building.

Restoring industrial premises back to ‘original state’ or shell, is often required at the end of a tenancy or lease. Vanguard’s skilled Project Managers can ensure that the takedown and removal of tenants Fit Out and Improvement works, happens as efficiently and safely as possible whilst ensuring Landlords satisfaction on surrender of the lease.

One of the UK’s most highly regarded warehouse fit out contractors 

Vanguard’s sector-specific experience ensures we deliver the perfect industrial-proven solution, on budget, with the minimum of disruption to ongoing production. Whether you require a mezzanine floor, potentially doubling your floor space, or new areas for offices, production or storage spaces; Vanguard can maximise your potential within your existing building.  

We have a wide range of past clients who have trusted us in performing warehouse fit out services that have ultimately improved their existing workspace, and all have been completed on time and within budget. 

Solutions you won’t find anywhere else – what is included in a warehouse fit out? 

As professional warehouse fit out contractors, we never skimp on our materials, products, efficiency – and most importantly – your requirements. With over two decades of experience in transforming empty, as well as populated warehouse spaces, we can supply you with everything you need. We source all contractors and supply all necessary materials leaving you without worry and the time to concentrate on running your business.  

We tailor our warehouse fit outs to suit your business practices and functionality, and with our preliminary consultations, we will get to know just what your warehouse space needs to become as optimal as it can be.  

Depending on your needs, Vanguard will efficiently install and provide solutions for your warehouse fit out including: 

Warehouse design planning 

We provide expert advice on the design and plans of your warehouse fit out to take your business to new heights. We consider increasing your productivity, minimising your costs and maximising your space. 

Office Spaces 

Many warehouses lack efficient office space for staff members. Vanguard can provide adequate office areas in your warehouse for staff to utilise and benefit from. Break rooms, meeting areas, utility facilities such as kitchens and toilets are all possible with Vanguard. These can be merged with a brand-new mezzanine floor, with partition walls separating important staffing areas. 

Racking and shelving 

We offer a wide range of racking and shelving systems and create an optimal layout, allowing your business to run smoothly. Our range is cost-effective and versatile to help you achieve smart storage, faster picking times and meet all safety standards. 

Mezzanine floors 

One of our specialties, we install mezzanine floors as part of our warehouse fit out services that can double or even triple storage and production space. We also decorate and style the interior and exterior to suit your brand image and requirements. 

Industrial warehouse office fit out

Security measures 

As warehouse fit out contractors, we have a diverse team who will go over your electrical requirements and install security and safety measures, including CCTV, fire alarm systems, and energy-efficient lighting solutions, helping to fully equip your warehouse.  

Ventilation and air conditioning 

Keeping your workforce and equipment comfortable and at optimal temperature is what Vanguard can deliver. We install heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, including split and central systems to provide temperature-controlled spaces in your warehouse. 

Floor covers and painting 

A warehouse fit out wouldn’t be complete without a floor finished with paint suitable for machinery, such as forklifts, helping to prevent accidents and withstanding damage from spills.  

These are just some of the options we have available for businesses looking for a warehouse fit out. Vanguard hires only the best and most qualified contractors to install these services in your space, each tailored to your needs and within your budget.  

Our warehouse fit out implementation process 

Our warehouse fit out process is tailored to each client. We account for your individual desires and requirements. Our process is as follows: 


We hold consultations with you at your convenience to fully understand the objectives you have for a warehouse fit out. Our team can also come to your location for a site visit to meet your crew and assess what solutions will work best for you. 


Our team will then get to work on designing your warehouse fit out using cutting-edge technology and CAD designs, meeting both your design wishes and budget. 

Site management and installation 

Now the construction and installation begin. Your dedicated project manager and site manager will work in unison to bring the designs to life. Our contractors bring all materials to your warehouse and begin construction. We will have worked out a time frame for us to complete all construction to minimise business downtime. We coordinate all factors, minimising health and safety risks and refurbishing all necessary parts of your warehouse.  

Handover and completion 

Once everything has been put in place, tested and meets your standards, we hand your new warehouse space over to you. We will go over in detail about every new aspect of your warehouse so you can be confident on the solutions we have provided. Now you will have your new space to use and enjoy all the many benefits that come with a warehouse fit out. 

How We Work with You During a Warehouse Fit Out 

Tailored solutions for individual businesses. Vanguard is proud to say we work with you during each step of the warehouse fit out process, with our team of designers, project managers and contractors ensuring your ideas are brought to life with fluidity and precision. Our expert guidance works in conjunction with following our client’s requirements, and we take the time to understand what these are. From initial consultations to effective construction and handover, your warehouse fit out is in safe hands with Vanguard. 

We Help Upgrade Your Warehouse by: 

Installing enhanced functionality 

We have the expertise and passion to install solutions that enhance the functionality and productivity of your warehouse operation. From effectively separating areas into practical workstations, to making the best use of your floor space by installing mezzanine floors and the optimal racking and shelving systems, you’ll notice the benefits in no time.  

Enhancing safety 

We don’t need to tell you the importance of safety in a warehouse environment. You can rest assured that we follow all health and safety regulations when performing a warehouse fit out, as we have qualified and professional contractors who construct all applications from the highest quality of materials. We won’t hand over your new warehouse until everyone is satisfied that all safety parameters are met.  

Future-proofing your warehouse 

Our warehouse fit out services and solutions enable a strong foundation for future changes and business evolution. Your warehouse will be fitted with the latest technological innovations that are designed to meet your production needs and can easily adapt to meet your business expansion. 

Installing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions 

We promote sustainability in all we do, and a warehouse fit out is no different. We have accumulated a strong connection with the best suppliers of materials and fittings that are of the highest quality, whilst being as sustainable as possible. We also implement eco-friendly practices in what we do, where we can.  

Why choose Vanguard for your warehouse fit out? 

The answer is obvious when it comes to warehouse transformation: Vanguard Contracts. Our comprehensive method of handling each warehouse fit out demonstrates our unwavering dedication to excellence. We have effectively carved out a position as industry leaders by providing an unmatched fusion of design, functionality and cutting-edge solutions. We have attained a long list of satisfied customers, admiring reviews and warehouses refurbished into centres of extreme efficiency. We are more than just warehouse fit out contractors – we are partners in your expansion.  

With Vanguard, you’re investing in a future-proof, effective and secure working environment rather than just a renovated space. Vanguard has become synonymous with dependability thanks to its dedication, superb craftsmanship and customised solutions over the past two decades. There is just no one who does it better when it comes to bringing your warehouse vision into reality.  

Get in touch with us to realise the full potential of your warehouse. Give us a call on 01905 759 700 to speak to a member of our team, or send us your enquiry to sales@vanguardcontracts.co.uk 

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