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Is your office space looking tired? Want to create a space for your team and business to thrive? An office design and build service is a service provided by Vanguard to create functional and aesthetically appealing office spaces. It begins with creating a dynamic design and finishes with an office space your team will love to work in, improving productivity and the working environment.

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What is the purpose of an office design and build?

Essentially, an office design and build process considers your business requirements, brand identity and workflow and delivers an office design fit out that optimises your available space, building an office that encourages enhanced productivity and enhances the satisfaction of your employees, contributing to the success of your business.

What are the benefits of an office design and build?

An office design and build can maximise your use of space, create a better representation of your brand to clients, be designed for future expansion and increase the productivity of your team, giving an aesthetically pleasing place to work meaning staff retention is high – and your business is on the road to achievement.



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The office design and build process

Depending on your building, the scope of your project and your budget, an office design and build process will take several steps to implement:

Consultation and assessment – An initial brief between the client and the office design and build contractor to discuss the functionality, aesthetics, budget and timeline.
Concept development – The design and build contractor designs a space plan and conceptual design.
Visualisation – The office design and build team creates detailed drawings and 3D plans, which include materials, finishes, colours and even furnishings
Detail and design – The final details and budget are fixed, and any necessary planning permissions are applied for
Installation – The construction begins, and the design is executed and installed until final quality control checks and handover when your team can move in and begin enjoying the benefits of your new office fit out.


Industry insights for office design and build 

Want the latest inside knowledge on what works best for an office design and build? Do you need a comprehensive design and build service that understands your business’s goals, identity, commercial needs and improves your productivity? Vanguard is the number one choice for a design and build company, with extensive inside knowledge of the latest trends and all UK building legislation and regulations.  

Collaborating with you during every step 

Our process is thought out from design all the way through to completion. Collaboration and understanding your needs are vital in transforming your business with a design and build service. Whether you require a new space for your office, bar or restaurant, industrial complex, retail centre or hospitality business, Vanguard treats all its clients with the same level of care and dedication, listening to your wants and desires, delivering the precise solutions you’ve been looking for.

Vanguard Contracts’ experienced Project Managers listen to you, which enables us to incorporate practicality, functionality, efficiency to achieve synergy and project success.

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Vanguard integrates technology for your office design and build 

We understand the importance of proper technology integration for businesses. Modern technology is effortlessly incorporated into commercial areas by our design and build team. We revolutionise functionality and aesthetics with everything from intelligent IT technologies that optimise energy use, to smart lighting that elevates the feel of your space. With our tech-infused solutions, you can further your company while increasing productivity, sustainability and customer engagement.

Design is crucial to cost-effective and successful Interior Fit Out. Our in-house design team are experts in unlocking the full potential of interior spaces to deliver efficiency and profitability gains.

Customisation and personalisation 

Tailored spaces: Our design and build solutions are customised to match your business requirements and brand identity. 

Personalised touch: To ensure that an area reflects your vision, we include your preferences in every detail, from the arrangement to the materials.  

Bespoke experiences: Creating relationships between customers and employers by using bespoke designs that reflect the uniqueness of your company. 

For smooth running Fit Out projects, our designs will factor in all necessary criteria from conceptual to functional. This means you are getting beautifully effective commercial fit out that meet your budgets and requirements.

About us

The Vanguard Design and Build Process

We start the design and build of your Interior Fit Out project by really listening to what you hope to achieve. Fully understanding your objectives allows us to move forward and create designs that will ultimately deliver results.

This critical stage is an outline plan proposal, ideal for presentations and budget discussions.

Case Studies

Comprehensive Solutions for Precision

Detailed to-scale CAD drawings
Visuals and space-planning proposals
Specifications and recommendations
Costings, scheduling and financial reports


Building regulations for an office design and build will depend on the specific scope and nature of the work being carried out. Structural alterations, significant changes to building services or modifications that impact fire safety, accessibility or health and safety aspects are likely to require compliance with building regulations. An experienced office design and build contractor will be aware of all regulations and compliance needs and will be able to manage them for you as part of the overall process of installing your office design and build.

An office design and build can improve the energy efficiency of your space because it can incorporate energy-efficient strategies and technologies. By installing newer LED lighting, maximising natural light, having a newer, more energy-efficient HVAC system, better insulation and more efficient equipment as well as smart controls and automation to switch appliances to low energy consumption modes will all help to improve energy efficiency in your new office space. Chat with our experienced design and build contract team about making your office design and build the most energy efficient that it can be as part of your design.

Planning an office design and build is a long and complicated process which involves a vast array of things to design, create and install. It may well also involve fire ratings and building regulations, which is why it is better to have an experienced office design and build contractor to guide you through the process and help you to avoid any pitfalls.

The length of time that an office design will take to complete will depend on the size of the project and the scope of the detail required for fixtures, fittings and also whether the design and build team are working around your business’s functions or whether the space is cleared out for the duration of the design and build. Every project will be totally unique – so an experienced design and build contractor will be able to give you a time as well as cost estimate during the design processes.

An office design can be a lower-key refurbishment or can be a complete customisation. A full office design and build will typically plan space and layout, partitioning and walls to create different spaces, flooring, electrics and lighting, ceilings and suspended systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), furniture and fixtures, technological integration, décor, health and safety compliance as well as fire safety, disabled access and emergency exits. With such a daunting list it can seem a mammoth task to plan an office design and build, so why not trust the experts? Get in touch with Vanguard who have years of experience and can guide you smoothly throughout the entire process.

The cost of an office design will depend on a host of factors from the size and scope of the project, the amount of work needed to complete it as well as the types of materials that you choose to create your aesthetic. For the best idea of the cost of your office design, get in touch with the experts at Vanguard for a quotation for your unique project.

An office design and build is important to help create the vibe and image that your business should portray to customers. It also creates an inspiring office environment for your workforce which creates employee satisfaction and helps with the retention of staff. Ultimately an office design can create future scalability for your company and lead to the greater success of your business.