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Office Fit Out Services: Transforming Workspaces for Success

A commercial office fit out is the way to transform your workspace and position your business for growth and development. An office fit out delivered by experienced fit out contractors will build job satisfaction for your workforce, as well as boost productivity positioning your company for immediate and future success.

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Vanguard Contracts is a design and build, interior fit out contractor with years of experience in the retail, commercial and industrial sectors with an extensive, and still expanding, diverse and thoroughly unique portfolio of satisfied clients. Our office fit out services include the design and planning stages as well as the building and installation of the vision you have for your new office space. We offer a free site visit, initial discussion and no-obligation quote which we endeavour to make as competitive as possible to embody the dream office fit out that you’re looking for – on time and within budget.

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Office fit out and refurbishment process

Our office fit out process – step-by-step

Our initial desire is to fully understand the objectives you have for your office fit out. We aim to create a design that incorporates all the features that you’re looking to implement, whether you want break-out spaces for collaborative discussions, board rooms for more formal meetings, staff restrooms or an open plan office to ensure teamwork and accountability. Our step-by-step process is as follows:

  • Site visit – At Vanguard Contracts we boast a team of talented designers who will visit your building to meet your crew and delve into exactly what will work best for your vision in terms of workflow, partitioning, lighting and even the aspirations for décor and furnishings.
  • Design – Our office fit out designers will then develop initial sketches and make sure that these meet your expectations and budgetary constraints.
  • Delivery and construction – The beginning of the supply and installation phase begins as the materials are delivered to the site, and work begins with our office fit out construction team.
  • Hand over – When the installation is completed to the high standards that we expect to deliver, we hand over the completed work to you to ensure that the finished work is exactly the way that you envisioned it – now your team can move into their new office fit out and begin benefitting from the changes.
photo of latest office design

What are the different categories of an office fit out?

There are three basic categories of an office fit out, which are shell and core, Category A and Category B. Each category has different levels of finish and functionality.

  • Shell and core fit out addresses only the construction and infrastructure of a building or space. A shell and core fit out will address the essential structural elements such as the walls, floors, ceilings, basic electrical, mechanical and plumbing services and the façade of the building. The interior will be left unfinished and without any specific design or layout, leaving a blank canvas for the occupiers to customise for their specific requirements.
  • A Category A fit out (Cat A) will go beyond the shell and core fit out to provide a certain level of finish and functionality and may include raised floors, suspended ceilings, HVAC and fire detection systems, entrance doors, toilets and other basic building services.
  • A Category B fit out (Cat B) will mean a complete customisation and final interior fit out based on the occupier’s specific requirements and design preferences. It may well involve the installation of partition walls, internal finishes such as flooring, wall finishes and paint, tailored electrical and data systems, lighting fixtures and furniture – anything that is needed to create a fully functional and personalised workspace. This fit out will aim to focus on creating a space that aligns with the occupier’s brand identity, workflow and operational needs.
Cat A and Cat B Fit Outs

What exactly is an office fit out?

An office fit out is most likely to be a Cat B installation, where the finished product has all the details needed for the office staff to walk in and begin using their new office spaces, including furniture and electrical and data systems for computers and internet access. An office fit out is likely to remove old, outdated or worn-out office furniture and fittings and replace them with new, fresh fittings and the process may also involve remodelling the internal spaces.

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Why choose an office fit out?

Choosing an office fit out will allow you to tailor the workspace to your specific needs and create an environment that supports your organisational goals and values, enhances the functionality, productivity and overall appeal of the workplace as well as a host of other benefits to your business. If your building is looking tired or you’ve moved into a space that doesn’t function as you need it to, then an office fit out is the answer.

Image shows recent office fit out 2023

What are the benefits of an office fit out?

There are a vast array of benefits of an office fit out which include:

  • Space optimisation – by going back to the drawing board, you have the opportunity to reconfigure the available space for the specific areas that your business needs. Starting from a blank page means you can maximise the area, improve workflow efficiency and create designated areas for different functions or teams.
  • Brand identity and image – an office fit out creates an opportunity to reflect and reinforce your brand identity through colours, materials, furniture and design aesthetic – creating a professional and cohesive image.
  • Employee productivity and wellbeing – designing your office fit out carefully can significantly impact employee productivity, morale and wellbeing, especially when factors such as lighting, acoustics, ergonomics and collaborative spaces are considered.
  • Collaboration and community – an office fit out that incorporates collaborative spaces, meeting rooms and breakout areas as well as open plan workstations means that you can facilitate communication, idea sharing, teamwork and a greater sense of community and collaboration.
  • Flexibility and adaptability – starting with a blank canvas can allow for the design to incorporate flexibility for future growth and expansion, such as modular furniture and partition walls which can be moved and reinstalled when necessary.
  • Wow factor – an aesthetically pleasing office fit out / Office Refurbishment can leave a positive impression on clients, business partners and visitors – creating a sense of professionalism, attention to detail and a commitment to quality.
Office fit out for a client

Collaborative design process 

We look at our client relationships as partnerships. Collaboration is key in the office fit out process and Vanguard involves you during every step. Your designs and aspirations on what you want out of your fit out truly matter to us, which is why we provide detailed consultations during the design stage, ensuring everything is to your approval. We don’t cut corners in realising your vision, and with the help of our team at Vanguard, we can make it a certainty. We’re here to offer you expert guidance throughout the whole fit out process, answer any questions and resolve any queries you may have.   

Technology integration 

Technology is ever-evolving in the workplace. Many offices rely on fast, well-thought-out and comprehensive IT systems and more to maximise business productivity. Our expertise allows for your office to be integrated with the latest and most efficient technology solutions. We can install: 

Smart lighting 

Audio Visual Systems 

Technology Hubs 

IT systems 

And more!  

Industrial warehouse office fit out

Customisation and personalisation 

Choose from three different types of office fit outs: 

Shell and Core 

Category A fit out 

Category B fit out, as discussed above

Each type deals with different parts of your building and office, with different applications being installed. The choice is entirely down to you, and we can of course offer our advice on which fit out will be best for you. No matter which type of fit out you choose, the designs are tailored to match your specific branding, culture and functional requirements. Our office fit out services are completely customised and personalised for your unique business.  

Cat A and Cat B Fit Outs

Industry Insights – Staying up to date with the latest trends 

Our team at Vanguard aims to provide your business with the latest and greatest trends, designs, colour schemes and ergonomic furniture, helping you set new trends and fit your office out the very best it can be. Our 20-plus years of experience have given us insight into the evolving nature of office lifestyle. Our network allows us to provide our clients with the knowledge and expertise to make your office and business stand out.  

ATS Office fit out case study image

Our Case Studies

ATS Euromaster

Aston Cross

ATS had decided to relocate to a new office development and so, to facilitate this, works were required to fit out two floors within an existing office development containing several offices over five floors.

ATS Euromaster
Fit out project in banbury

Fit Out Project in Banbury

The Client had a large, empty unit and required a factory floor, clean room, electronics room and offices. To facilitate this, works were required to install a mezzanine floor within a portion of the unit to allow for several offices with the clean room and electronics room below.

Fit Out Project in Banbury

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The amount of time that an office fit out takes will depend on the size and scope of the project that is being undertaken to create it. If the office fit out is being created within an empty space and the building is a blank canvas, it might be easier, and quicker, than where an old office needs to be removed before starting. A small office fit out will always take less time than a large open-plan space. Each project is unique and the amount of time it will take can be discussed when we provide you with a free site visit, design plans and quotation.

The cost of an office fit out will depend on the size and scope of the fit out you want for your company. A larger fit out, will cost more than a small one, and luxurious fixtures and fittings can boost the cost – although we always aim to offer the most competitive prices for the designs you desire. Get in touch today to get a free no-obligation quotation for your unique office fit out project.


There is no one right way to lay out an office space. There will be various elements that will impact the design of an office fit out and how it can be laid out. The physical size and shape of the building as well as entrances and exits. Whether there is natural light or not, whether customers will enter the office, or whether it is purely for staff access only, the type of business that is using it and the needs of that company – if they need meeting rooms for multiple meetings simultaneously or a large team that all need an open-plan space for collaborative teamwork – all are factors to be considered.

If you’re considering a commercial office fit out that will start creating spaces from scratch, why not get the expert design advice of the professionals, such as our team at Vantage Contracts? They can advise you on the best layout for your business’s requirements, workflow and every other consideration. Get in touch today to begin your design journey to your new office fit out.

Both a fit out and a refurbishment are related concepts, but they refer to different aspects of modifying or improving a space. Refurbishment is specifically related to the renovating or updating of a space to improve its condition, functionality or appearance and its goal is to rejuvenate a space while addressing existing issues and deficiencies. However, a fit out refers to the process of customising and furnishing an interior space and it focuses more on the interior design and configuration of a space to meet specific requirements and aesthetics.

An office fit out is the term used to describe the transformation of a space into a dynamic office environment. It takes an old, tired office or a totally empty space and turns it into a working office area with all the elements required to make it usable.

A fit out refers to the customisation and furnishing of an interior space to make it suitable for a specific purpose or occupant and its focus is on functionality and practicality whereas interior design is a broader term that encompasses the planning, design and aesthetic aspects of an interior space. So, essentially, the main difference between a fit out and an interior design is the scope of the work and the focus.

An office fit out is important for a variety of reasons. A tired and worn-out office with poor lighting and acoustics that doesn’t have a good workflow or comfortable furniture won’t contribute to good teamwork, staff satisfaction and retention or productivity and it certainly doesn’t shout to your customers of professionalism or commitment to quality. By installing a high-quality commercial office fit out you can transform your staff’s work experience as well as impress your clients and so many other benefits – all of which you will reap back in business productivity and growth.

How Vanguard Contracts can help?

At Vanguard Contracts we have a strong ethos of building and developing strong relationships with clients and fulfilling our promises to provide excellent customer service, beautiful installations and within the goals and constraints of time and budget. Our long list of contented clients bears witness to our services – giving you peace of mind that you can trust our team to deliver.