Copart UK



Construction Case Study

At the beginning of 2019, Vanguard Construction were engaged to deliver Copart UK’s (Avonmouth branch) vehicle storage depot expansion. The £2 million pound project lasted 16 weeks.

Working closely with local plant & aggregate supplier B&A Group, a range of services were provided to achieve the following:

Production of Construction Environmental Management Plan and enabling Ecological Appraisals for planning requirements for this 12-hectare site.

Site preparation of 100,000m² (or over 16 football pitches!)

Creation of new 90,000m² compound area for vehicle storage with imported subsoil and aggregates both quarried and recycled

Importation of 87,000 tonnes of aggregates

Creation of screening bunds on-site

Engineer designed culvert crossings for vehicles

Over one mile of palisade fencing

Around 200m of infrastructure trenching 

Dark sky LED car park lighting throughout the site

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