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Factors to Consider for Your Office Refurbishment Project

An office refurbishment is an exciting time for your business. Your existing work environment is about to get a facelift, injecting some much-needed personality and functionality. You may have already decided to hire a professional office fit out company to refurbish your workplace, but have you really considered all the important and necessary factors?  

We have a complete office refurbishment checklist to assist you in knowing exactly what you need before starting the exciting journey of an office fit out.  

The Start of Your Office Refurbishment Guide 

Every journey has a starting point, and the journey of an office refurbishment starts with a plan. Outlining a comprehensive office refurbishment checklist will ensure a smooth and more enjoyable procedure and help mitigate any opposing forces that can hinder the journey. A well-thought-out plan can help prepare you for problems or issues that may arise and help you navigate every aspect of the refurbishment. However, a plan can’t start without outlining and defining your office refurbishment goals – in layman’s terms – why do you need one? 

Defining Your Office Refurbishment Goals 

Why are you looking to have your office refurbished? There are plentiful reasons, and understanding the fundamental reasons early on will help you determine the best solutions to install. Remember, office refurbishment planning is key – the earlier everything is sorted out, the smoother the refurbishment will be.  

Some of the main reasons businesses opt to refurbish an office, include: 

Expansion: Is your business expanding and in need of a more organised layout? Mergers and acquisitions often lead the way for offices needing to adapt and change to increased numbers of staff. A refurbishment can optimise your existing space and assist in adapting a workspace for growing numbers and expansion. 

Time for an upgrade: Your office space may be looking outdated with limited space for staff to unwind during lunch, layouts that scatter different departments or outdated technologies that are limiting productivity. If this is the case, an office refurbishment is a solid investment. 

Health and safety: Older buildings and offices may be deemed unsafe and hazardous. Undergoing a refurbishment can help bring buildings up to scratch and create a safer environment. 

Going green: Many businesses are looking for ways to be more eco-friendly, which can put you above the competition, as well as help to retain workers who value sustainability. An office refurbishment allows for the implementation of greener practices and applications.  

Identifying your specific goals is a must. Your goals may fall under one of these reasons for a refurbishment or several. 

Creating Your Office Refurbishment Plan 

Now you have your goals figured out, it’s time to begin your office refurbishment plan. There are several key steps to think about and the first step is perhaps the most important. 

Setting a budget: The office refurbishment checklist begins by determining how much you can allocate for the refurbishment project. Consider all costs, including construction, materials, furnishings and any other unexpected expenses. Setting yourself a realistic budget will help guide your decisions throughout the project.  

Assembling a refurbishment team: Refurbishment team, assemble! Identify the team members who will be involved in the refurbishment project, including project managers, architects, interior designers and IT specialists. 

Creating a timeline: Develop a project timeline that outlines the start and end dates for each phase of the refurbishment. Consider things such as the availability of your fit out team, delivery times and any potential disruptions.  

Setting clear expectations: Communication is key. Detailing your expectations to your refurbishment team will ensure your vision is realised. Communicate every last detail from design preferences to any specific requirements or constraints.  

It’s also crucial to research who you’re going to hire to carry out your office refurbishment. Look for firms with a strong reputation, check their credentials and see if they carry any licenses. You should also review all contracts carefully, analyse project details, timelines, costs, warranties and payment schedules. Vanguard Contracts is one of the UK’s leading office refurbishment agencies that you can trust to bring your vision to life. 

Designing a Functional Workspace 

Designing an office layout that maximises space and functionality is essential for creating a productive and efficient work environment. A refurbishment is the ideal solution for achieving this, and a part of the office refurbishment checklist is to consider employee needs. Involving them in the process can give you a broader understanding of what spaces you’ll need to implement. Promoting collaboration is a great idea, so talk about different types of layouts with your staff to generate effective idea sharing.  

Remember the importance of eco-friendly solutions? Embrace energy-efficient designs to reduce your business’s environmental impact and operational costs, with solutions such as LED lighting and energy efficient HVAC systems. Eco-friendly materials and construction practices are also an option, helping to reduce waste and promote sustainability. 

No office or work environment should go without the necessary health and safety measures. Address issues such as ventilation, fire safety and emergency exit accessibility in your workspace design.  

Boosting Employee Morale and Productivity 

Your new office design and layout can have a positive impact on your staff, increasing productivity and boosting morale. For example, incorporating elements that inspire creativity can increase motivation. Indeed, providing additional, flexible workspaces to cater to different tasks, quiet zones, collaborative areas for teamwork and comfortable spaces for breaks can enhance wellbeing and productivity.  

Prioritising comfort is also beneficial. Offer ergonomic furniture and create comfortable environments with temperature and lighting control. Personalising spaces helps create a sense of ownership for employees, increasing job satisfaction and engagement.  

Adapting for the Future 

What good is an office refurbishment if it isn’t future-proof? In five years’ time, you may need to expand further, or even downsize. Future-proofing your office design is essential in a rapidly changing business landscape. Create workspaces that can easily adapt to changing staff sizes and needs by installing modular furniture and movable partitions which enable reconfiguration without major renovations – saving you costs in the long run. 

Incorporate the right technology, such as cable management and install a comprehensive data infrastructure that can accommodate new technologies. When technology scales up, more than likely, so will other aspects of your business. Design your office to accommodate future expansion without disrupting ongoing operations.  

Your Office Refurbishment Plan with Vanguard 

At Vanguard, we love it when a plan comes together. We have been providing office refurbishments for businesses across the UK for several decades, and pride ourselves in helping with detailed, tailored plans for each one. We have the best team of designers, contractors, technicians, engineers and more to bring your vision to life. Want to get started on planning your office refurbishment? Get in touch with us today by calling 01905 759700 or email us at