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Vanguard Contracts is one of the most well-known office fit out contractors in Sheffield. We give your office space a new lease of life by making it practical, spacious and organised.

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Expert Contractors in Sheffield

We offer your vacant workplace the “wow” factor that not only boosts employee productivity but also showcases your brand to clients, installing confidence they should work with your company.

We handle the entire process, diligently adhering to strict deadlines and budget and engaging with you to create a custom atmosphere for your business. Choose Vanguard as the office fit out company to give your office the improvement it deserves. We also execute office refurbishments in Sheffield, saving you the time and cost of relocating.

Transforming your Sheffield office space:
The benefits of an office fit out and refurbishment

Choosing Vanguard to undertake an office fit out or refurbishment for your Sheffield company can yield substantial benefits. An office fit out converts an empty area into a practical working environment. Shell and Core, CAT A and CAT B office fit outs are our area of expertise.

Shell and Core: For a shell and core fit out, we will handle the basic structural aspects, such as the walls, floors, ceilings, electrics and plumbing, while leaving the inside as a blank canvas.
CAT A: This type of fit out includes the installation of elevated floors, suspended ceilings, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), toilets and other basic capabilities.
CAT B: Here, Vanguard customises your office interior with the required designs, branding, data systems, lighting and layouts. This is the most customised sort of office fit out for your Sheffield business.
Depending on your workplace setting, you may just require one of these fit outs, or you may need all three – Vanguard can provide you with these solutions with absolute diligence.

You may also have an ageing office that has a detrimental influence on the morale and productivity of your employees. Through an office refurbishment in Sheffield, we are able to transform your existing office space. We help provide end-to-end interior fit-out by adding additional areas and furnishings, upgrading your existing branding and style, and attracting the attention of clients as they enter the building.

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Bespoke Office Refurbishments

for all types of Businesses and Environments in Sheffield

With our refurbishment and office fit out services in Sheffield, we have assisted in revitalising many types of businesses. Since our founding in 2002, our creative team of designers, contractors and engineers has worked on offices of all sizes – there is no office we can’t handle. Startup companies may utilise our services from the shell and core stage all the way to CAT B, where we will optimise your business with distinct, practical layouts and technology that allow your employees to flourish.

We review your particular needs and workflow requirements with you before designing a custom workplace that is consistent with your culture and brand. Existing businesses, whether small or large, may benefit from an office refurbishment, which improves their existing space enormously and modernises it without the costly need to relocate.

Vanguard’s office fit out and refurbishment process

Everything starts with you. Vanguard brings to life your ideas, and we provide a free consultation in your Sheffield location or by telephone to discuss your office fit out or refurbishment ideas. Together with Vanguard’s talented designers, we analyse every aspect of how to optimise your space during a site visit. Want to modernise your old office? Are you interested in introducing more eco-friendly solutions? Your company’s expansion might need the implementation of new technologies or layouts to accommodate the accelerating rate of expansion. The rationale for your Sheffield office fit out is equally as vital as the design elements you intend to incorporate. Vanguard will provide experienced advice regarding the solutions we can create.

After these considerations, as well as a discussion of your budget and schedule, we will move onto the next phase, during which our skilled designers will create floor plans, CAD and 3D designs for your project. This will assist you in visualising the finished result, and we can make any modifications to the designs you like. We strive for 100% client satisfaction.

Once the plans have been finalised and remain within your budget, our team of competent contractors will begin working on the office fit out or refurbishment. We adhere to all health and safety requirements and construction codes, including those under CDM, guaranteeing your finished project will be high-performing and safe. For your office fit out in Sheffield, Vanguard’s team of professional engineers will install fire safety and HVAC systems, electrical cabling and all the functionalities you can think of for your office.

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Why Choose us for your Office Fit Out in Sheffield?

We have over 20 years of expertise as an office fit out company in Sheffield, and our staff goes beyond the call of duty to make your workplace ideas come true.

We use only the most skilled, trained and professional contractors, designers and engineers who are committed to ensuring your satisfaction. We have obtained a number of industry accreditations, establishing our reputation as dependable and well recognised office fit out contractors. We are delighted to have served a large number of clients over the years and to have exceeded their expectations, which is what Vanguard constantly strives to do.

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