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Your Manchester office can become an environment that benefits your team and clients exponentially with our refurbishment and office fit out services.

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Expert Contractors in Manchester

Our expertise lies in bringing your design and vision to life. We stick to your schedule and budget to ensure you can enjoy and work in your new office space as soon as possible, mitigating business disruption and enhancing all aspects of your office. We supply ergonomic furnishings, new colour schemes and branding to reflect your business motives, add new functional spaces for meetings and privacy, as well as many other solutions to help your business grow and prosper.

Transforming Your Manchester Office Space:

The Benefits of an Office Refurbishment

With our services here at Vanguard, we can help you reap the many benefits transforming your office space can bring. There is a host of ways you can choose to implement different, personalised designs and features for your office. The decisions are down to you, and our role is to provide you with the resources and supplies to bring your vision to life. Vanguard assures 100% customer satisfaction with every project we take on. More benefits of a refurbishment include:

  • Improve employee productivity.
  • Utilise new spaces for meetings.
  • Impress your clients.
  • Implement the latest technology.

There are two main types of office design and build that we specialise in, Category A and Category B. Each type comes with its own levels of building techniques and applications, and we are here to help you understand the differences between them all.

Category A: A functioning space with basic installations and electrical applications. This features lighting, fire protection systems, mezzanine floors, suspended ceilings and air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC). While these fittings will be installed, they will only have a basic finish without a dedicated layout.

Category B: This is a more bespoke dedicated layout, meant to fit all your needs. The new tenants will often be the ones to hire specialist design and build contractors to provide them with the space they desire. These contractors will include designers, architects and builders who will create a fantastic interior space for your workplace, considering every last detail.

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Bespoke Office Refurbishments

For All Types of Businesses and Environments in Manchester

We have an extensive record of providing office fit outs in Manchester for a wide range of businesses, situated in a variety of office types. We discuss the individual needs of your business and help to reflect the goals you want to achieve with our tailored services. If you require an old, worn-down office to be turned into a vibrant, exciting and functional environment, our refurbishment solutions will be of great help. For office fit outs in Manchester, we can supply the latest furnishings, fixtures and designs to make your office stand out, delivered by experienced contractors who are passionate about satisfying your needs.

You shouldn’t have to relocate to find the perfect office space. Therefore, our expert staff are equipped to maximise the space you do have. We install and supply bespoke office designs to align with your branding, culture and workflow requirements – established firms, startup companies and niche industries can all rely on Vanguard to get the job done.

Vanguard’s Office Design and Build Process

We work with varying sizes of offices in Manchester, starting with a detailed design and then taking that all the way to the build process. Our design and build process starts with you and includes:

  • Consultation: We begin with a free consultation where we arrive at your site to discuss your desires and requirements for your office fit out or refurbishment.
  • Design: Our talented designers will then begin sketches which will be turned into 3D designs that you can assess, allowing you to visualise what your office will look like.
  • Project management: Once you are happy with the designs, we will create a schedule and begin construction and delivery of all fittings, fixtures, partitions, lighting, technology and other elements you require.
  • Construction: During this part of the process, you will have a dedicated project manager overseeing the construction, who will also be in charge of regulatory compliance. All while ensuring HVAC and fire detection systems are operational.
  • Post-completion support: Once our work is complete, we support you in the handover procedure, ensuring all parts of your office fit out are functioning and in working order, ready to be used.
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Why Choose Us for Your Office Design and Build in Manchester?

Here at Vanguard Contracts, we have over 20 years of experience in office fit outs and refurbishments in Manchester. We have built a credible portfolio of satisfied clients as well as a host of accreditations, making us a highly regarded and trusted office fit out contractor. We coordinate the entire process for you, offering expert guidance and knowledge on what it takes to transform an office environment for the better. We conform to the legislative guidelines of working in construction under CDM, identifying any potential hazards to effectively outline and implement the safest practices.

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