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Vanguard Contracts is one of the top office design and build contractors in Coventry and can craft the workplace of your dreams. From the initial, free consultation through to the finished office renovation, we offer comprehensive and tailored services.

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Expert Contractors in Coventry

Thanks to our list of professional accreditations, our sizable clientele of satisfied customers and industry certifications, we are among the most reliable office design and build contractors in Coventry. Our services include the planning stages as well as the building and installation of the vision you have for your new office space.

Along with office design and build, we also provide mezzanine floors and refurbishment services that can completely transform your current office space. Our team never cuts corners on any elements that require thought, and our services can help your workplace stand out from the competition. Vanguard Contracts has excelled in projects that were a success, and our clients are now enjoying the benefits of what an office refurbishment can do. We are here to provide our bespoke design and build services in Coventry, helping you achieve whatever you need.

Transforming Your Coventry Office Space:

The Benefits of an Office Design and Build

We set out to improve the efficiency of your workspace and, unlike other contractors, we work with you every step of the way. There are many benefits to an office design and build, they include:

  • Customisation: Your business can customise its workspace to meet the needs of all employees while staying true to your brand.
  • Effective space utilisation: Any design and build process is an opportunity to use the space you already have more effectively.
  • Cost saving: By choosing energy-efficient smart technology you are making a long-term investment in savings for your business.
  • Reputation: Your commercial space should impress your clients and help with the image of your brand.

A design and build can be applied to many different sectors. The two main forms of design and build are Category A and Category B.

Category A: This is the option preferred by landlords. This design and build choice provides a functional area with basic installations and electrical applications. We take care of installations such as HVAC, lighting and fire protection systems. Although these fittings will be installed, they will merely have a simple finish without any colour schemes or specific configuration.

Category B: This also comes with all the essential applications but has a more bespoke layout tailored to your needs. These contractors will consist of architects, builders and designers who will create an interior space for your business meticulously considering every aspect of your vision.

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Bespoke Office Refurbishments

For All Types of Businesses and Environments in Coventry

Every business has a unique method of achieving goals and outcomes, and here at Vanguard Contracts, our services are tailored to those specific methods. We can completely personalise your office design, including how your brand is represented, how dynamic layouts enhance workplace culture and implement contemporary technologies that will boost productivity.

What are the benefits of an office refurbishment?

  • Increased employee efficiency.
  • Long-term savings in eco-friendly smart technology.
  • Enhanced brand image.
  • Improved employee morale.

To start the journey of your new office refurbishment and smarten your image and working space, why not get in touch with a member of our expert team to get a no-obligation, free quote?

Vanguard’s Office Design and Build Process

We dedicate our expertise to delivering you turnkey services backed by years of industry knowledge and a continued investment in its future, meaning our office design and build process is the best out there in Coventry. Each step in this process is equally important as the other – our team will ensure each step is taken seriously and professionally.

Consultation: To get to know you and your business, we offer a free consultation as the first step in our approach.

Design: Following the initial consultation process, our gifted designers will provide in-depth CAD drawings and 3D plans that include the configuration, furnishings, colour scheme and materials we’ll utilise in your office design and build.

Project management: We take the hassle out of looking for qualified contractors to build your new office. Our services include monitoring supplies and contractors, researching regulatory compliance and guaranteeing your office makeover will be finished within your budget and time frame.

Construction: As soon as the designs are complete and you’ve given your approval, our highly talented crew will start their building work on your Coventry office, transforming it into the space it was always meant to be.

Post-completion support: We make sure every component of your refurbishment is operating properly and according to your expectations.

Vanguard makes sure all aspects are taken care of in the design and build process. We handle any installation, such as HVAC and any energy-saving smart technology, if chosen in your project. Rest assured that health and safety remain a top priority throughout every step of the process.

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Why Choose Us For Your Office Design and Build in Coventry?

We are pleased to share our knowledge with a range of industries and businesses with our main goal to satisfy your requirements regarding your office design and build in Coventry. We are among the most reliable and trusted office design and build contractors in Coventry, thanks to our list of professional accreditations, our sizable clientele of satisfied customers and industry certifications. We are in the heart of the West Midlands and can travel to your Coventry location with great efficiency to help you begin the stages of your dream office design and build or refurbishment.

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