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Vanguard Contracts is the leading supplier of office fit-out services across Bridgend and the surrounding areas. We’ll work with you to breathe new life into your workspace, providing additional functionality, a fresh aesthetic and a healthier working environment.

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Expert Contractors in Bridgend

For over two decades, Vanguard has been leading the UK office fit-out sector, with stand-out designs that redefine what an office can be. We offer a completely turnkey process, taking you seamlessly through every stage of your fit out from initial design to completion and handover with strict legislative compliance ensured at every step.

As well as bespoke office fit outs, we can also install additional features such as mezzanine floors, allowing you to refresh and expand your existing office space without the need to move your whole business premises.

In Bridgend and across the UK, Vanguard is the smart choice for your office fit out.

Transforming Your Bridgend Office Space:

The Benefits of an Office Fit Out

At Vanguard, we offer three main types of office fit out: shell and core, Category A and Category B. A shell and core office fit out is the most basic option and involves little more than the skeleton of an office, ensuring that all the framework and facilities are in place ready for the final fit out. Category A fit outs include the installation of next level systems such as lighting, fire protection, raised floors and HVAC, and Category B fit outs are the complete finishing of an office space, leaving it ready to use.

Whichever fit out option you choose, you’ll be able to tap into a number of benefits including:

  • An improved working environment for your staff
  • Greater energy efficiency thanks to advanced technology integrations
  • Increased employee productivity and fewer sick days
  • A better first impression on clients and visitors
  • Bespoke office space design that aligns with your brand

We’ll work with you to understand the needs of your business and ensure a fit out process that meets your exact requirements.

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Bespoke Office Refurbishments

For All Types of Businesses and Environments in Bridgend

If your office space is getting tired or bursting at the seams, you’re likely considering a move to a newer or larger premises, but you know just as well as we do that moving a whole office is costly and disruptive.

Instead, why not simply refresh and redesign your office? With a fit out from Vanguard, you can get more out of your Bridgend office. We’ll get to know your business inside and out and learn the specific pain points you’re facing. From there, we can completely re-imagine the way you use your space, allowing for optimum usage and implementing systems such as compact, intelligent storage.

With our mezzanine floor installations, you can even expand your existing workspace by adding new levels.

Vanguard’s Office Fit Out Process

We use a simple, five-step approach across all of our office fit outs to ensure a smooth process for our clients that maintains our commitment to value for money and exceptional standards.

  1. Free consultation – We start by visiting your Bridgend site and getting to know the ins and outs of your business and what you need.
  2. Creating designs – With your needs and vision in mind, we’ll then craft your unique, 3D CAD designs, giving you a detailed snapshot of what your new office will look like.
  3. Project management – We’ll tap into our extensive network of trusted contractors and completely oversee the fit out process, ensuring that every step follows the correct legislation and guidelines and that the finished product is exactly to your specifications.
  4. Construction begins – With all the legal paperwork signed off, our team will begin the construction phase of your project, taking great care at every step to see your requirements are met.
  5. Post-completion support – Once the construction and fit out process is complete, we’ll cast our keen eye over everything one final time before we hand you the keys to your brand-new office space. If you need support at any stage after the handover, we’ll be just a phone call away.
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Why Choose Us For Your Office Fit Out in Bridgend?

At Vanguard, we’ve been demonstrating our office fit out prowess for more than 20 years, and at this point, we know a thing or two. We’re the leading provider of bespoke office fit outs in Bridgend and the surrounding areas, and we specialise in creating innovative, productivity-boosting workplaces for a broad range of clients from a variety of sectors.

You can depend on Vanguard to fully manage your office fit out process, delivering a solution that meets your needs and more.

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