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At Vanguard Contracts, we offer trusted, bespoke office design and build services across Bedfordshire, helping businesses of all kinds transform their office spaces to improve design and functionality.  

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Leading Contractors in Bedfordshire

Not only does Vanguard provide unique office design and build services, completely tailored to the needs of your business, but we also offer ways to expand your usable space with additions such as mezzanine floors, which can be constructed as a stand-alone service or as part of your wider office fit out.

We’re trusted by leading names across the UK and our services are compliant with all building and safety regulations. We’ll take your project from budgeting and design through to approvals, inspections and commissioning. Vanguard is the number one choice for office design and build contracting in Bedfordshire.

Transforming Your Bedfordshire Office Space:

The Benefits of a New Office Design and Build

Whether you opt for a Shell and Core, Category A or Category B office design and build (internal redesign, basic installations or comprehensive refurbishment respectively), you stand to benefit in many ways:

  • Improved office aesthetics – One of the most obvious benefits of an office fit out is giving your workspace a fresh look that leaves a positive, lasting impression on visitors and clients while giving your staff a nicer place to work.
  • Increased functionality – We can work with you to identify and realise opportunities to make your office space work better for you, meaning you can get more out of the same space.
  • Heightened productivity – Happy employees are productive employees – giving your team a better, healthier and more functional office environment will improve their comfort and, in turn, their productivity.
  • Technological integrations – As part of your office design and build we can incorporate the latest technological amenities, including systems such as smart HVAC and improved electrical infrastructure, which will improve employee health and comfort as well as your system reliability while saving money in energy efficiency, by reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Fewer staff absences – Cramped, outdated and tired offices can worsen employee health as well as their productivity. By improving your working environment and renovating systems such as your HVAC, you can keep your employees healthy as well as happy.

We can apply years of office design and build experience to help give you the workspace of your dreams. Tap the button below to get your quote – let’s bring your vision to life.

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Bespoke Office Refurbishments

For All Types of Businesses and Environments in Bedfordshire

We’ll create an office space that’s as unique as you are. For more than two decades, we’ve worked with clients from every sector imaginable, taking the time to understand the ins and outs of their businesses. Your working methods and requirements will be the driving influence for every stage of your office fit out, with cutting-edge solutions built around your needs.

Without the need to relocate, you can have a completely renewed, improved office space that suits the needs of your business as it grows and develops over time, all within your budgetary parameters.

Vanguard’s Office Design and Build Process

At Vanguard, we use a proven five-stage process for our office design and build projects that will take you seamlessly from start to finish and use your business’s unique character and workflow as its inspiration.

  1. Consultation and assessment – We’ll conduct an initial consultation process to help us understand your business and your requirements so we can provide a timeline and project overview.
  2. Concept and development – Next, we’ll conceptualise your design and create a space plan.
  3. Visualisation – The office design and build team then creates detailed drawings and 3D plans, which include materials, finishes, colours and even furnishings.
  4. Detail and design – We can then finalise the specifications and budget for your project and apply for any necessary planning permissions.
  5. Installation – Finally, we’ll bring your vision to life, before conducting final quality control checks and handing over your new office space.

We manage your entire process, adhering to safety and building regulations every step of the way to deliver you a brand-new office space that caters effectively to your needs while staying within your budget. We aim for 100% client satisfaction 100% of the time.

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Why Choose Us For Your Office Design and Build in Bedfordshire?

For more than 20 years, Vanguard has been supplying industry leading office design and build services across Bedfordshire and the UK. We pride ourselves on an outstanding quality of work and employ a team of highly qualified designers and contractors to see every project through to an exceptional standard.

Contact us today – let’s build your dream office and transform the way your business works.

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