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Office Fit Out and Refurbishments for Loughborough Businesses 

Vanguard Contracts transforms your office into the productive, comfortable and stylised work environment it should be. We provide bespoke solutions for offices in Loughborough that are in need of an office fit out or refurbishment. You’ll be benefiting your staff, clients and business with the help of our dedicated team here at Vanguard Contracts. 

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We aim to help your business thrive

We bring your vision to life with a leading team of talented designers and contractors, who will communicate all aspects of the office fit out and refurbishment process to you. We are proud to be one of Loughborough’s leading office fit out contractors, with fast lead times, expert quality control and professional insights, and we complete your Loughborough office refurbishment within your budget and timeframe. We have a catalogue of satisfied clients and projects we have completed, giving you peace of mind that your Loughborough office fit out is in safe hands. We provide full turnkey services in a journey from concept to construction to handover. We implement new layouts, designs, furniture, equipment and more, transforming your office to match your business branding and help to improve productivity and functionality for both employees and clients. 

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Why choose us for your office fit out in Leamington Spa?

A bespoke office fit out for your Loughborough business 

We understand that every business is different. Your workforce is a team effort, and a well-designed office will enhance your productivity and improve your team’s mental wellbeing. We can help do just that with our bespoke services to complete an office fit out in Loughborough. Factors such as efficient desk layouts, bright colour schemes, ergonomic furniture and partitions, as well as new technologies, such as HVAC systems, all have a positive effect on the office workspace. The beauty of working with Vanguard Contracts is that the choice is all down to you. As highly regarded and respected office fit out contractors in Loughborough, we bring your unique requirements to life. Vanguard Contracts strives to provide 100% customer satisfaction every time with our services. 


Tailored solutions for all types of business in Loughborough 

We have been performing office fit outs and refurbishments in Loughborough since 2002 and have gained experience and knowledge to complete projects for all types of business. No matter your office size, our streamlined process ensures we complete your designs within time and budget. With two types of fit outs, Category A and Category B, we provide our expertise to assess which type is right for you. You may be needing an entirely new interior fit out (layout and design), or your existing office may just require a refresh, with us bringing in new furniture, technologies and colour scheme. We cater to all types of refurbishments and fit outs.  

Why choose us for your office fit out in Leamington Spa?

Vanguard’s office fit out and refurbishment process 

What does an office fit out process entail? Our dedicated team works hand-in-hand with you during each step. The process is as follows: 

  • The initial, free consultation involves us getting to know you and your business, where we will discuss your desires and the plans we put in place to bring them to life.  
  • Our talented team of designers will draw up sophisticated designs that outline the finished project. They will contain everything from the layout, colours, furniture and technologies, helping you to envision your new office.  
  • You won’t have to worry about finding the right people for the job. We effectively project manage your Loughborough office fit out and source the best contractors, builders and surveyors for the job. We detail all aspects ensuring your project is completed on time, and within budget and reducing as much business downtime as possible. 
  • We then get to work on building and constructing your new office and follow all legal, building, and health and safety rules.  
  • Once everything is built and set up, we offer post-completion support and make sure all parts are working functionally and as they should, as well as to your expectations.  

We love to collaborate and emphasise to you that at the end of the day, this is your office fit out or refurbishment – Vanguard Contracts aims to please during every step. 


Why choose Vanguard Contracts for your office fit out in Loughborough? 

There is no better office fit out contractor to trust than Vanguard Contracts. We have the industry advantage of a long list of accreditations and a history of satisfied clients. Our team is dedicated to performing a turnkey, bespoke service for your business in Loughborough, with an in-depth knowledge of all regulations needed and a network of passionate, professional team members. Trust us to bring your vision to life.  


ATS Euromaster

Aston Cross

ATS had decided to relocate to a new office development and so, to facilitate this, works were required to fit out two floors within an existing office development containing several offices over five floors.

ATS Euromaster

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