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Office Fit Outs and Refurbishments for London Businesses 

Vanguard Contracts is a highly regarded London office fit out and refurbishment contractor with the ability to transform your office space. We facilitate robust functionality, custom redesigns and effective layouts for the advantage of your employees and clients. Our industry-leading expertise and devoted team collaborate with you to bring your vision to life.  

Bespoke Office Refurbishment Contractor in London

Our services are custom-tailored and comprehensive, and our team has years of experience to meet your needs. We have worked in London’s retail, commercial and industrial sectors, allowing offices of all sizes to realise their maximum potential. Each company’s office fit out or refurbishment is a one-of-a-kind undertaking, and Vanguard strives to meet your specific requirements by implementing new textures, designs, colour schemes, technology, fixtures and more.  

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What an office fit out in London can bring to your business 

The process of transforming an interior office space into a high-functioning workspace for business operations is known as an office fit out. We can design new layouts, implement infrastructure and install specialised fixtures in your London office so that it reflects your brand and culture. 

A well-designed space will increase employee retention and productivity, as well as improve communication by implementing ergonomic furniture and layouts, enabling workers to feel even more at ease. In addition to using as much natural light as feasible, improved lighting from energy-efficient sources will contribute to greater concentration and output.  

Using Vanguard’s services in London, our designers and decorators will display your brand’s image and values throughout your office, thereby enhancing your corporate image. When clients walk through your doors they will be impressed by the prominent level of professionalism you’ve established.  

We enhance not only existent spaces but also new ones. The renovation of an office can generate new areas that promote employee wellness. It has been demonstrated that break rooms, cafeteria areas and quiet zones with natural light and calming colours improve the mental health of employees, therefore enhancing the work-life balance.  

Office space optimisation is essential for boosting business productivity. We assist you in optimising your existing space by utilising every square inch for meeting rooms, storage, workstations, break rooms and more.  

Vanguard doesn’t just install new layouts and décor, we also future-proof your London business by implementing the newest technology and design elements that can accommodate development, expansion and changes in work practices. These technological enhancements may include IT infrastructure, adaptable workstations and eco-friendly design elements. 

Office fit out and refurbishment process

What are the types of office fit outs and refurbishments in London? 

Vanguard can provide your London office with three distinct types of office fit outs. Each variety is handled with the same attention and precision. The three types include: 

  • Shell and Core Fit Out: This type concentrates on the fundamental structural components of the building, including the walls, floors, ceilings, basic electrics, mechanical and plumbing services as well as the exterior. The interior will be left incomplete and devoid of any particular design or layout, allowing the occupants to consider their design and layout. This form of renovation would be advantageous for older buildings in need of refurbishment. 

If you are moving into an office building in London and wish to refurbish the existing space, please contact us for assistance.  

  • Category A (CAT A): The second form of fit out, referred to as CAT A, will advance the level of finish and functionality. A CAT A type may include the installation of raised floors, suspended ceilings, HVAC and fire detection systems, entrance doors, lavatories and other basic building services. 
  • Category B (CAT B): This is likely the most extensive and popular type of office fit out for London businesses. A CAT B type requires extensive customisation of the interior and layout based on the occupant’s design preferences and requirements. This type will include features such as partition walls, finishes for flooring, walls, brand imaging and colour schemes, customised electrical and data systems, ergonomic furniture and lighting fixtures – everything necessary to create a fully functioning office. This fit out will aim to create a space that is consistent with your brand identity, productivity and operational needs.  

Consider these categories to be levelled. Vanguard can complete any level you require and provide advice regarding the optimal variety for your London office block. Depending on the needs of your business, we can even perform all three varieties. 

Why choose us for your office fit out in Leamington Spa?

Our office fit out and refurbishment process

We fit out your London office meeting your budget and schedule. Our five-step process is bespoke and comprehensive. 

  • We become familiar with your company by visiting your London site and discussing the parameters of your office refurbishment or fit out . We can also discuss all details remotely via phone and video conferencing.  
  • Our talented team of designers will create CAD and 3D plans so that you have a complete visual comprehension of what your office will look like. The designs will encompass all elements, including furniture, layout, functionality and colour schemes. 
  • We are in contact with the most conscientious contractors for the construction of your new London office. We coordinate qualified architects, designers and engineers and ensure that all construction work adheres to safety and building codes.  
  • Once all legal practices are approved, our team will begin transforming your office into the finest possible version of itself. 
  • Once all aspects have been built and installed, we ensure that everything is functioning properly and that you are satisfied with the final product. Our handover procedures are exhaustive, and we aspire to provide any additional support you may require.  

Why choose us? 

At Vanguard, we are proud to provide businesses with office fit outs and refurbishments that will help them achieve their objectives and inspire creativity and productivity among their employees. We have provided office fit outs in London for a variety of clients with differing office sizes and requirements. We handle all necessary building approvals, assembling the finest team of architects, contractors and engineers. You can be confident that your office fit out will be completed on time and within budget, with expert site management and quality assurance.  

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Our Recent OFFIC Fit OUt STUDY

ATS Euromaster

Aston Cross

ATS had decided to relocate to a new office development and so, to facilitate this, works were required to fit out two floors within an existing office development containing several offices over five floors.

ATS Euromaster

Commercial fit outs for London 

We understand the diversity of London business. The sprawling capital city is filled with commercial spaces that can benefit from a fit out service from Vanguard. We can adjust our services to match your mixed-use, retail and multi-tenant buildings. We support commercial operations and services that are offered to your clients, customers and visitors, in addition to assisting in the creation of a functional workspace. We can aid with commercial spaces in the London area and beyond, such as hospitality, cafés, restaurants and bars, gyms, university spaces, conference facilities, receptions and more. 

Contact us for a free consultation 

Get in touch with the team by giving us a call on 01905 759 700 or send us an email at for us to revolutionise your office in London. We look forward to helping your business succeed.