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Looking for a solution to improve productivity and increase business growth on a consistent level? It’s time to give your office a makeover with help from Vanguard Contracts.

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Expert Office Fit Out and Refurbishment Services in Leamington Spa

We are the top office fit out contractors Leamington Spa has to offer, with a passion to turn your outdated office into a place of wonder and prosperity. Our talented designers will work with you to bring your vision to life, by creating in-depth drawings and 3D models which can be implemented in a short space of time. Building strong relationships with clients is always at the forefront of what we do – working in conjunction with you every step of the way, guaranteeing we deliver your requirements on time and within budget. Our office fit out services in Leamington Spa are for businesses that want to add new areas, update their brand image, create a more productive work environment and more. We have years of experience in this industry, positioning us as the ideal office fit out service in Leamington Spa, with the ability to bring your vision of your dream office to life.



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Office fit out contractors in Leamington Spa for your bespoke needs

An office fit out can change your business dramatically – for the better. We promise that you will notice the benefits within days of completion. Some of the main benefits of an office fit out include:

  • Creating new layouts for staff which increases communication, collaboration and productivity.
  • Improving aesthetics with new colour schemes and furnishings that help increase employee retention.
  • Align your brand identity with your office helping to create a cohesive experience for employees, clients and visitors.
  • With new and improved environments, your property value will increase making an office fit out a worthy investment.

Our team of expert designers and engineers has years of experience, ensuring your bespoke requirements will be met – Vanguard Contracts strives to commit to customer satisfaction with every office fit out project in Leamington Spa.

Tailored office fit out solutions for every business

Tailored office fit out solutions for every business

Wherever your office is located, we have likely already completed a similar fit out or refurbishment. A start-up might require a category A and B fit out, whilst an established business might have to tear down a dated office and replace it with the modern, polished office fit out that your Leamington Spa business wants to present to the public. An office fit out for your Leamington Spa business is an opportunity to establish the culture and atmosphere you want your company to project, and to better utilise your available space with ergonomic design and new workflow systems, giving your employees and customers the impression of a more professional business.

office fit out process

Our office fit out and refurbishment process

Our process to create the best office for you involves our team of expert designers, project managers and contractors, providing a full turnkey service and, most importantly, we work alongside you every step of the way.
• Consultation: As the initial stage in our process, we provide a free consultation to get to know you and your company. We will meet in your Leamington Spa location whenever it’s convenient for you to discuss the specifics of your dream workspace.
• Design: After consulting with you, our talented designers will create detailed CAD drawings and 3D plans that contain the setup, furniture, colour scheme and materials we’ll use for your office fit out.
• Project management: We handle the bother of finding capable contractors to construct your new workplace. Our services include our in-house contractors and suppliers, investigating regulatory compliance and ensuring that your office fit out or renovation will be completed on time and within your allocated budget.
• Construction: Once the plans are finished and you’ve given your approval, our incredibly talented team will begin building your Leamington Spa office, transforming it into the area it was always meant to be.
• Post-completion support: We guarantee that each element of your renovation is functioning correctly and in accordance with your expectations. We’ll assist with the handover procedure and provide you with any other information you might need.
Our team will make sure that each step in this process is taken seriously and professionally, assuring collaboration with you at every stage. Each step in this process is equally as vital as the other.

Why choose us for your office fit out in Leamington Spa?

Why choose us for your office fit out in Leamington Spa?

To meet your needs for your office fit out in Leamington Spa, we are happy to share our knowledge with a variety of enterprises and industries. Thanks to our extensive clientele of satisfied customers, and our long list of professional accreditations and industry certifications, we are among the most dependable and trusted office fit out contractors in Leamington Spa. We can quickly visit your Leamington Spa site thanks to our headquarters being in Worcester, helping you to begin the planning process for your ideal office fit out.


ATS Euromaster

Aston Cross

ATS had decided to relocate to a new office development and so, to facilitate this, works were required to fit out two floors within an existing office development containing several offices over five floors.

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We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss the importance and benefits of what an office fit out can bring to your business. Vanguard Contracts works closely with you at every stage of this exciting process and consistently provides dependable, hassle-free and effective services. We pledge to comply with all of your needs, providing you with complete satisfaction.

To bring your dream office to life, get in touch with our friendly team here at Vanguard Contracts. Call us on 01905 759 700 or email, and one of our team will respond quickly.