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Specialist Office Fit Out and Refurbishment Services in Coventry

We are one of the top office fit out contractors in Coventry and can design and build the workplace of your dreams. From the initial, free consultation through to the finished office renovation, we offer comprehensive and tailored services. Thanks to our years of designing and constructing office fit outs in Coventry, we have amassed a huge knowledge base and strong relationships with each of our clients. We are a proactive, committed team who lead the way in creative thinking and can coordinate every step of our process with perfect accuracy, in addition to always providing affordable and high-quality solutions.

One of our key objectives is to offer you the advantages of a custom office fit out in Coventry, giving your business and employees a new beginning. We can improve the efficiency, effectiveness and functionality of your space, and unlike other designers and contractors, we collaborate with you at every stage to ensure that your renovation will be one-of-a-kind.
When planning and developing the new interior of your office, we take into account every aspect of it, including the textures, furnishings, colour scheme, practicality and more. Vanguard Contracts can give your office the tools it needs to grow your business.

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Office fit out contractors in Coventry for your bespoke needs

Do you believe that team morale is low and business production is stagnating? An office fit out for your Coventry business is the ideal way to boost output, develop additional spaces for greater functionality, present your brand to clients in interesting ways and promote employee retention through appealing aesthetics. As our team never cuts corners on any elements that require thought, our services can help your workplace stand out from the competition. Vanguard Contracts has excelled in projects that were a success, and our clients are now enjoying the benefits of what an office refurbishment can do. We are here to provide our bespoke office fit out services in Coventry, helping you achieve whatever you need.

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Tailored office refurbishment solutions for every business

Every business has a unique method of delivering outcomes, and here at Vanguard Contracts, our services are tailored to those individual methods. The way your Coventry business operates will be enhanced and improved by an office fit out. We have a track record of satisfied clients from a variety of industries and can customise our service to your unique business needs. We can completely personalise your office design, including how your brand is represented, how dynamic layouts enhance workplace culture and implement contemporary technologies that will boost productivity. Vanguard Contracts will help you every step of the way, whether you’re starting a new business, relocating to a new site or looking to completely renovate the interior of your workplace.

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Our office fit out and refurbishment process

We dedicate our expertise to delivering you turnkey services backed by years of industry knowledge and a continued investment in its future, meaning our office fit out process is the best out there in Coventry.
• Consultation: To get to know you and your business, we offer a free consultation as the first step in our approach. When it is convenient for you, we can meet in your Coventry location to go through the specifics of your ideal office.
• Design: Following the initial consultation process, our gifted designers will provide in-depth CAD drawings and 3D plans that include the configuration, furnishings, colour scheme and materials we’ll utilise in your office fit out.
• Project management: We take the hassle out of looking for qualified contractors to build your new office. Our services include monitoring supplies and contractors, researching regulatory compliance and guaranteeing that your office makeover will be finished within your budget and time frame.
• Construction: As soon as the designs are complete and you’ve given your approval, our highly talented crew will start their building work on your Coventry office, transforming it into the space it was always meant to be.
• Post-completion support: We make sure that every component of your refurbishment is operating properly and according to your expectations. We will help with the handover process and will offer any additional advice you might require.
Each step in this process is equally important as the other – our team will ensure each step is taken seriously and professionally, guaranteeing collaboration with you every step of the way.

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Why choose us for your office fit out in Coventry?

We are pleased to share our knowledge with a range of industries and businesses with our main goal to satisfy your requirements regarding your office fit out in Coventry. We are among the most reliable and trusted office fit out contractors in Coventry, thanks to our list of professional accreditations, our sizable clientele of satisfied customers and industry certifications. We are in the heart of the West Midlands and can travel to your Coventry location with great efficiency to help you begin the stages of your dream office fit out or refurbishment. We are truly the best at what we do – realising your vision with accuracy and superior industry knowledge.


ATS Office fit out case study image

ATS Euromaster

Aston Cross

ATS had decided to relocate to a new office development and so, to facilitate this, works were required to fit out two floors within an existing office development containing several offices over five floors.

Case Studies

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Our free, no-obligation consultation is unlike any other in this industry. Vanguard Contracts always delivers reliable, hassle-free and efficient services and collaborates with you during every part of this exciting process. Our goal is to provide you with complete satisfaction, and we guarantee to work with your every requirement.

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