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How Much Does an Office Fit-Out Cost in 2024?

Discover what affects the cost of your office fit-out. Get personalised insights based on your project’s size, location, and needs to make informed decisions

If you’re considering an office fit out for your business in 2024, there will be several questions and ideas to consider. One of the biggest considerations is the office fit out cost, with your budget dictating what you can have installed and modified for your office.  

With prices increasing on seemingly everything, the average office fit out cost in 2024 may be more than it was in the previous year. Therefore, a fit-out cost analysis is the best measure to take before undergoing the beneficial change to your business. We’re here to help and will explore the parameters determining an office fit out cost. 


Factors influencing office fit out costs 

There are several factors influencing office renovation expenses, that can increase the cost, and, with most things in life, the more you want, the higher the cost.  

Size, location and specific requirements 

Each office is different, each owning a different size and situated in a distinct location. The size of your office has the most significant impact on costs, with many fit out contractors operating on a price per square foot. Indeed, larger offices must understand they will be paying more for their fit out than smaller ones.  

We have a rough renovation cost estimate based on previous data of how much an office fit out costs per sq. ft. First, it’s important to realise that an office fit out can be broken down into three categories – basic, mid and high. 

Cost per sq. ft.  Basic  Mid  High 
Construction costs  £30-£45  £50-£65  £70+ 
Furniture costs per person  £12+  £25+  £40+ 


These are rough estimates, and with every fit out contractor, prices will vary. The basic, mid and high categories are also known as shell and core, Category A and Category B fit outs, with each one progressing how much is included and finished in your office. Some offices may already have systems in working order, such as HVAC and lighting which won’t need to be installed by a contractor, therefore decreasing the overall price. 

The location of your office will also impact the office fit out costs, as labour costs in more urban areas, such as London, will be much higher. Additionally, if your office is on a hard-to-reach floor level, then contractor costs will most likely be affected.  

Cosmetic vs. structural changes 

Comparing cosmetic vs. structural office changes in budgeting is vital. If your office fit out only requires cosmetic changes (decorating, new flooring, new furniture), then the overall fit out costs will drastically be reduced, compared to structural changes involving the construction of new walls, doorways, electrical appliances, ceiling finishes as well as all types of furnishings. Deciding what type of office fit out you need will make for a better budget plan regarding cosmetic and structural changes.  

Technology integration 

Technology has become a staple of office environments for decades now, with the need for fast IT systems that increase productivity and remain secure. The impact of technology integration on office fit out expenses is a defining factor to consider. Perhaps your office already has a well-integrated IT infrastructure and your office fit out plan is to incorporate it into a new layout, or maybe your office fit out will involve a full, new set up of technology. Integrating any type of technology will increase the office fit out cost and this just doesn’t include IT and computer systems. Energy-efficient lighting and HVAC units should all be considered during the planning and design stages of the fit out. 

Furniture requirements 

Furniture offers both comfort and functionality for your employees and office as a whole. Choosing trending, ergonomic furniture is worth the initial investment as studies have shown that the more comfortable your employees are, the higher the output of productivity.  

Project timeline 

The timeline for an office fit out project is a critical factor that can significantly affect the overall costs, as well as the quality and efficiency of the final product. Several factors are taken into account when estimating the financial impact of the project timeline.  

An extended duration of an office fit out project will lead to higher costs, due to increased labour hours and prolonged rental of equipment and temporary facilities. Tight deadlines demand for specialised contractors who are eagerly sort after, so you may have to pay for a premium to secure their services.  

Additionally, the longer the duration of an office fit out could facilitate the need for temporary accommodation for your workforce or alter the location of where they work – for example working from home. Depending on the scale of the fit out, you could accommodate your employees while the fit out is taking place, however, this can negatively impact productivity. The costs for temporary accommodation will need to be though of if the timescale is going to be for a longer period.  

Traditional vs. design and build (D&B) approach 

Traditional methods of an office fit out involves many different people, including designers, builders, workspace planners and furniture suppliers. Structural changes require surveyors, engineers and interior architects. All these different parties will require a project manager to ensure they all work in unison. Separate parties can be difficult to manage and will all come with different prices. 

A design and build approach with a specialist office fit out company, like Vanguard, can organise everything for you all under one roof, cutting the office fit out costs significantly. A design and build approach is the most popular choice for most projects, as the company will carry out detailed designs to maximise your space for contemporary means and for future expansion. It also allows for high levels of collaboration.  

Planning your 2024 office fit out with Vanguard 

Vanguard is the go-to office fit out company and will aid you in a fit-out cost analysis, detailing all aspects of your budget. From the costs of materials, installation, furnishings and more, Vanguard’s team are the experts to help you stick to your budgetary constraints and offer solutions that won’t break your bank. 

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