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Office Fit Out Experts in Bridgend 

Vanguard Contracts is a highly regarded office fit-out and refurbishment contractor in Bridgend with the means to revolutionise your office space for the better. We enable strong functionality, bespoke redesigns and efficient layouts that will benefit your employees and clients. We have industry-leading experience and a dedicated team who work alongside you to ring your vision to life.  

Bespoke Office Refurbishments in Bridgend

Our services are bespoke and turnkey, with our team using their years of experience to satisfy your needs. We have worked within the retail, commercial and industrial sectors throughout Bridgend, enabling offices of all sizes to reach their full potential. An office fit out or refurbishment is a truly unique project for each business, and Vanguard aims to satisfy your requirements by implementing new textures, designs, colour schemes, technology, furniture and more.  

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Office fit out and refurbishment process

What an office fit out in Bridgend can bring to your business 

An office fit out is the process of turning an interior office space into a high-functioning workspace for business operation. For your office in Bridgend, we can design new layouts, install infrastructures and decorate the space to help reflect your brand and culture.  

A well-planned space will boost employee productivity by increasing effective ways of communication, as well as incorporating ergonomic furniture that will make employees feel even more comfortable. Improved lighting from energy efficient sources, in addition to utilising as much natural light as possible, will also contribute to better focus and productivity. 

Enhance your corporate image with Vanguard’s services in Bridgend, with our designers and decorators displaying your brand image and values throughout your office. You’ll be turning clients’ heads when they walk through the door, installing a prominent level of professionalism for them to invest in.  

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Enhancing Employee Wellbeing and Business Productivity

It’s not just existing spaces that we enhance. An office fit out can create new areas that will improve employee wellbeing. Break rooms, cafeteria areas and quiet zones sourced with natural light and calming colours have been shown to improve the mental health of employees, enhancing their work-life balance.  

Optimising your office space is key to making business productivity thrive. We help optimise your existing space by using every square inch for things such as meeting rooms, storage, workstations, rest areas and more.  

Vanguard doesn’t just fit new layouts and décor, we also future proof your business in Bridgend by implementing the latest technologies and design elements that can support growth and expansion as well as changes in work practices. These technologies could include infrastructure for IT systems, flexible workspaces and eco-friendly design elements.  

Why choose us for your office fit out in Leamington Spa?

What are the types of office fit outs and refurbishments in Bridgend? 

Vanguard can provide your office with three different types of office fit outs in Bridgend. Each type is dealt with the same level of care and precision. The three categories are: 

  • Shell and core fit out: This category focuses on the building’s fundamental structural components, including the walls, floors, ceilings, basic electrical, mechanical and plumbing services as well as the building’s exterior. The interior will be left unfinished and devoid of any specific design or configuration, allowing the occupants to tailor the space to their specific needs. 

This type of fit out would be beneficial for older buildings needing a revamp. If you are becoming the new occupier of an office building in Bridgend and want to update the existing space, contact Vanguard for us to help.  

  • Category A fit out (CAT A): The second type of fit out, known as CAT A, will further progress the level of finish and functionality. A CAT A type can include installing raised floors, suspended ceilings, HVAC and fire detection systems, entrance doors, restrooms and other fundamental building services.  
    • Category B fit out (CAT B): This type is perhaps the most extensive type of office fit out you could have for your Bridgend office. A CAT B type entails a comprehensive customisation and final interior fit out based on the occupant’s specific design preferences and requirements. 

Think of these types as levels. Vanguard can progress through any level you need to complete and offer guidance on the best type that will work for your Bridgend office building. We can even perform all three types if that is what your business requires.  

ATS Euromaster office fit out

Our office fit out and refurbishment process 

We perform your office fit out in Bridgend according to your budget and timeframe and our process is five, efficient and effective steps. 

  • Free consultation: We get to know your business by visiting your site and discussing the parameters of your office refurbishment. We will come out to your site in Bridgend as well as discuss all details remotely via phone and video calls. 
  • Creating the designs: Your ideas will be implemented into CAD and 3D plans by our talented designers, so you can get a full visual understanding of what your office will look like. The designs will feature all aspects from the furnishings, layout, functionality and colour schemes.  
  • Project management: We are in connection with the most dedicated contractors to build your new Bridgend office. We coordinate architects, designers and engineers who are fully qualified, as well as ensure all construction work follows safety and building regulations.  
  • Construction begins: Once all legal practices are signed off, our team will begin the work to transform your office into the best it possibly can be.  
  • Post-completion support: Once all aspects of your office fit out are put in place, we ensure everything is functioning as it should and making sure you are more than satisfied with the finished project. Our handover proceedings are comprehensive, and we aim to offer any additional support you may need. 
photo of latest office design

Why choose us? 

Here at Vanguard, we take pride in providing businesses with an office fit out or refurbishment that will ascertain their goals, as well as inspire inspiration and productivity amongst their workforce. We have provided office fit outs in Bridgend for a wide selection of clients, all with different requirements and sized offices. We take care of all building approvals needed, sourcing the very best team of designers, contractors and engineers. You can rest assured that your office fit out will be completed within your schedule and budget, with expert site management and quality control.  


Image shows recent office fit out 2023

ATS Euromaster

Aston Cross

ATS had decided to relocate to a new office development and so, to facilitate this, works were required to fit out two floors within an existing office development containing several offices over five floors.

Contact us for a free consultation 

We offer a free consultation to get you started on the road to optimising your office in Bridgend. Our talented designers will bring your ideas and vision to life to get your office space on the road to success with fully optimised and functioning solutions. Contact us to get started on your Bridgend office fit out by giving us a call on 01905 759 700 or send us an enquiry at