A fitness centre Mezzanine Floor with Structural Glass Balustrade & Feature Staircase. Vanguard Contracts were appointed to design and build a the appropriate product along with a feature glass staircase and balustrade due to the proposed location of the Mezzanine Floor underneath existing offices, the design of the floor incorporated all necessary detailing to improve sound proofing levels, reduce noise attenuation and minimise acoustic vibrations outside of the tenants demise.

The mezzanine columns were carefully sited within proposed partition walling greater spans, allowed for maximum usable space within the fitness studios and gym. Structural Glass and Stainless Steel Balustrades complete with oversized glass in panels were adopted to create a modern and contemporary look to the new area, creating an open plan feel on both levels.

The Project was carried out and completed within the designated 4 week time frame within budget and to the complete satisfaction of the Client and Greenwich Leisure Limited.