Community is a UK trade union formed in 2014.

The union represents workers in a diverse range of sectors, including iron and steel, domestic appliance manufacturing, clothing, textiles, footwear, road transport, betting and gaming and call centres, as well as workers in voluntary organisations, workshops for visually impaired and disabled people, community-care providers and housing associations.

Vanguard Contracts were approached to carry out the full turnkey fit out of the Union’s new Kidderminster base.

The architect designed layout sympathetic with the Art deco features of Elgar House, incorporated large collaboration areas, surrounded by full glass walls to allow both glazed elevations to illuminate the workspace.

The boardroom was proportioned to accommodate existing bespoke furniture video conferencing.

Mobile storage was introduced in order to maximise archiving storage.

A modern desking layout was implements together with scruffy leather sofas & feature `Farraday’ pendant lighting.

The overall finished result delivered a modern working environment, also playing homage to the buildings heritage & the Trade Unions’ history.