The Difference Between Office Fit-Out and Refurbishment

If you’re looking to add a fresh touch to your offices or whether you’re just starting up and want to provide your employees with a smart and professional workspace, at Vanguard Contracts we can provide you with the best office fit-outs and refurbishments. There are a lot of fit-out and refurbishment decision factors and within this blog, we will walk you through the different elements of both office fit-outs and refurbishments, as well as discuss the differences between the two renovation types.

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office fit-out and refurbishment

We will help you make a decision on cost-effective refurbishments and the benefits of an office space renovation for your organisation and your employees. Making the right choice can be difficult, especially if you don’t fully understand the difference between the two, this blog should help you to understand the differences and give you a better insight into what both an office fit-out and an office refurbishment are.

what is an office fit-out?

If you’re wondering what an office fit-out is, don’t stress, we’ve got all the information you need to understand office fit-outs right here at Vanguard Contracts. Specialists within the office fit-out industry, at Vanguard Contracts we can provide you with an office space renovation that will give your organisation a new lease of life.

An office fit-out essentially consists of a renovation of the interior elements of the building. So, all things electrical, mechanical, decorating and furnishings are changed within an office fit-out. The purpose of an office fit-out is to redesign and renovate an already-existing office space to meet more specific needs and requirements of your organisation. The ability to opt for an office fit-out will allow you to have office space customisation that will benefit your business in many ways.

Key Elements of Office Fit-Out

There are many elements of an office fit-out that need to be taken into consideration if you’re thinking about starting this process for your organisation. Office fit-outs can include a variation of things such as structural elements, placements of windows and doors, and any heating, ventilation, air conditioning or plumbing elements. Electrical components like lighting and then, of course, installation of IT and telecommunications equipment are important as well as interior design and furnishing of your office space and any amenities like a reception, kitchen and restrooms. Also, you should consider specialised areas, elevator refurbishment, disabled access features and any exterior renovations your business needs.

Many office fit-out projects can require workspace improvements such as making modifications to the layout of the building and usually changing the interior design of the building shell. At Vanguard Contracts we can create a design that is perfect for your business, taking into consideration your company’s specific needs making your workspace function efficiently and supplying your employees with an enjoyable working experience.


what is office refurbishment?

If your office starting to look a bit outdated and tired, but you don’t fancy the stress of trying to find a new and more modern building for your organisation, then an office renovation and modernisation is the perfect way to go for your business.

With an office renovation, there are many refurbishment benefits that have an impact on your business. Commonly, most office renovations aren’t big projects and can just consist of rebranding or rearranging the space within your office, however, you can opt for a whole office refurbishment. Usually, most offices are built as one big open room that allows for each business that becomes a tenant in that building to separate and create the space that their organisation requires.

Key Elements of Office Refurbishment

The refurbishment scope of work typically consists of the renovation of interior design components such as ceilings, floors, walls windows, plumbing and furniture. Basic refurbishments can simply comprise improving a kitchen area or creating a new layout for your office spaces.

differences and distinctions

When it comes to fit-out vs refurbishment there are plenty of differences to take into consideration. Usually, an office fit-out will take place in an empty building that needs to be fitted out for operation, whereas an office refurbishment is done on a building that has already been used and may be outdated and needs to be refreshed.

When to Choose Fit Out vs. Refurbishment

Knowing whether to choose customisation vs renovation is actually a relatively simple process. Making the right choice for your business shouldn’t be too much of an issue, if you are already in a working space that fits all your organisation’s needs, but the building has become outdated, a refurbishment will do just the job. However, if you feel your building no longer provides you with everything you need and are looking to move somewhere new or you are just starting out in your corporate venture, then an office fit-out is going to be the right choice when it comes to fit-out vs refurbishment.


choosing the best fit for your workspace

Although there aren’t many differences between an office fit-out and office refurbishment, it is still crucial to know what your organisation needs. With an office fit-out usually done in an empty building that needs bringing up to a working standard and an office refurbishment giving an old functioning building a fresh look, it can be quite simple to decide which is best for your needs. If you’re just starting out or looking to move to a new building that needs to provide your employees with a functioning workspace, then an office fit-out is more than likely going to be your preferred choice. If your business has recently rebranded and you want your workspace to reflect that, then choosing an office refurbishment will be more cost-effective.

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