Office Design Trends in 2024

Office environments have changed drastically over the years. No longer are they plain, uninspired and drab workspaces that employees want to leave two minutes after arriving. Even in the last five years, offices have developed a new lease of life with hybrid workspaces, nature-inspired office designs and flexible furnishings all becoming the norm. Office design trends for 2024 are reaching new heights, as many businesses are adopting innovative ways to work and understand the importance of creating a comfortable and inspiring space. With the ever-evolving workplace landscape, we have a list of the top office design trends we believe are going to make headway in 2024.

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the evolution of office design

A brief look back

Before we get into our list, it’s important and interesting to understand how design trends have evolved, especially in response to changing work dynamics. Even at the turn of the 21st century, office designs began to change from the cubical layout that didn’t promote communication and well-being into more casual layouts, optimising as much space as possible as well as creating more vibrant aesthetics with different colour schemes.

Open-plan office designs became the norm, which allowed for openness, communication and more communal areas and multi-purpose spaces, but unfortunately also meant the days of privacy were almost gone. Many people found negativity in these open-plan layouts as employees who were just looking to get on with their work, could now be interrupted at any time, negatively impacting their productivity. This has led to hybrid workspaces as a compromise, incorporating private areas, remote practices and collaborative areas.

the impact of post-pandemic work environments

Lessons from the pandemic

Covid took its toll on pretty much all aspects of society and the future of office spaces was looking rather different. With many businesses adopting the work-from-home method of productivity, many were beginning to think, “Why do we need an office in the first place?” While many found working from home beneficial, with increased productivity levels, many were beginning to miss the social interaction that came with working in an office. Once society began to get back to normality, businesses seemed to split and choose one of two options: one – realise employees could work and collaborate effectively from home, reducing the amount of office space required and therefore saving money, or two – turn the office into a collaborative environment to regain the social aspects lost during the pandemic, with employers able to keep a closer eye on workplace productivity.

our top office design trends for 2024

Working from home has taught people the importance of comfort, serenity and relaxing spaces while carrying out work duties. For those who have rejoined the office space are now expecting employers to create these types of workspaces, transforming old layouts and design features with office fit outs or office refurbishments.

Employers, get ready for the exciting ways you can create the ideal office for your employees, with our office design trends that are going to take 2024 by storm.

Trend one – Nature-infused workspaces

Nature and biophilic aspects are being included in office designs as part of a greater acknowledgement of the human need to interact with nature, even in artificial or build office environments. The term ‘biophilia’ refers to humans’ natural attraction to nature and living systems. Biophilic design seeks to incorporate natural elements, such as plants, water, sunlight, natural textures and patterns, into built environments.

Nature can be infused into the office with simple additions of small plants at people’s desks or displays of large, decorative plant life and garden areas. A more pleasant and green environment can improve mental health, enhance productivity, increase people’s creativity and help to incorporate more sustainable practices. Not to mention nature is just absolutely beautiful to look at.

Trend two – Hybrid workspaces

Another office trend for 2024 is more hybrid workspaces. Gone are the days of people squashed into cubicles with people in fixed work positions. More and more offices are realising the potential and functionality of hybrid workspaces, allowing the workforce to use the space in conjunction with their duties.

Activity-based workspaces allow for collaboration and group tasks to be carried out effectively, and rooms that can adapt for different uses – from meetings, interviews and those that need a bit of privacy, help promote multi-functionality. So, instead of having one singular layout throughout the whole office, incorporate spaces including individual pods and booths, accessible meeting rooms and collaborative spaces with functions like whiteboards and social hubs. This way, you’re catering to all different work methods and employee preferences, keeping everyone happy.

Trend three – Flexible furniture solutions

Everyone needs to be comfy at work to promote both physical and mental wellbeing. The right ergonomic furniture is key in making this a reality. Many people during the pandemic when working from home could do so in the comfort of their own bed. Employees don’t want to dread coming into the office knowing that by the end of the day, their back is going to be in pain.

Creating a more relaxed environment for when people are working and on their lunch break creates a positive environment for all. Rather than hard, uncomfortable cafeteria benches, go for sofas or chairs. Ergonomic furniture, such as adjustable desks and chairs, pivotal screens and breathable materials are becoming increasingly popular, all promoting better posture and reducing health problems. Adding new ergonomic furniture to your office is made easy with an office fit out, where you have the choice on what flexible furniture to own.

Trend four – Tech-integrated offices

Technology will continue to be a major factor in influencing office layouts and enabling hybrid workstyles as 2024 draws near. The modern office will seamlessly combine comfort, innovation and function with IoT (Internet of Things) devices, smart office solutions and AI-driven amenities.

Smart lighting, climate control and even furniture that can be adjusted via apps or is automated according to occupancy and time of day are becoming commonplace in offices. Sensors can track a multitude of parameters, such as occupancy and air quality, and relay this information to a central system that can make real-time modifications. This makes it possible to use energy and space more effectively.

Additionally, AI is capable of enabling customised experiences. For instance, machine learning algorithms may optimise anything from energy usage to cafeteria supplies, while AI-driven chatbots can assist staff with anything from scheduling to IT assistance. Security enhancements, collaboration hardware and software, and many other technologies will be making their mark in offices in 2024 and beyond.

Trend five – Sustainability and eco-friendly design

With the UK’s focus on sustainability, offices can do their part to keep up with eco-friendly practices in more ways than one. Energy-efficient designs, including smart lighting, HVAC systems, sustainable building materials like wood and recycled furnishings, all promote sustainable practices. Offices with more natural light reduce the need for artificial lighting, saving businesses money on energy bills as well as producing less carbon emissions. Getting your team to become involved in recycling practices also reduces waste that goes to landfills, while making your team feel prouder of the company as a whole.

When businesses become more aware of the long-term advantages for the environment and their financial line, they are placing an increasing emphasis on sustainability in workplace design. Businesses are committing to responsible corporate behaviour and creating healthier, more enjoyable work environments by investing in eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient designs and waste-reduction techniques.

shaping the workplaces of tomorrow with vanguard

All these office trends show how times have truly changed in the last few years. Offices are evolving into new functional spaces that allow for different workstyles and habits to take place. Employers are understanding the need for their workforce to feel comfortable to get the very best results in productivity.

With the help of Vanguard, your office can own these exciting trends, making your business ready for whatever 2024 has to offer. Through Vanguard’s bespoke office fit out services, your office will transform into the most optimal space it can be. Vanguard are professional office fit out and refurbishment contractors that will give your office the facelift it deserves. Contact us for more information on how we can help your business.

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