Designing the Perfect Automotive Experience: Car Showroom Fit Out Experts

For businesses large and small, Vanguard provides comprehensive car showroom fit out services, designed to enhance the auction experience for buyers and vendors. We aim to go the extra mile to turn your car showroom into an environment that enhances your brand and team to buyers, ensuring you’ll make a sale.

End to End Showroom Fit Outs

Our experience can remove the stress from your project, whether new build or refurbishment, providing all the services you require under one roof.

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Car showroom fit out services

We have worked alongside leading automotive brands, including Nissan, MG, Peugeot, Volvo and Ford, to provide manufacturers, franchises and independently run businesses to revamp their car showrooms. We have detailed knowledge of the motoring industry, helping your showroom shine for potential vendors and visitors. From the showroom – where your vehicles will be displayed – to the other aspects of your dealership, such as your offices, brand signage, service and maintenance facilities, feature lighting, sales desks and pods, Vanguard can transform it all, allowing you to reap the benefits – all the while sticking to your budget and timescale.

As well as your car showroom fit out, we specialise in completing car workshop fit outs, enabling your workshop to be more efficient in its functionality and layout. We stabilise the structure of your building before performing our turnkey interior fit out service.

If your car showroom needs a change, get in touch with us to learn how we can help, with our trusted and highly regarded fit out services.


Car Showroom Fit Outs case studies

When your “internet customer” visits the showroom, it’s almost inevitably back to “square one”. The sales environment, together with your relationship with the customer, will combine to determine the sale.

Vanguard Contracts are working with manufacturers and franchisees, providing fresh retail and working environments, designed to optimise the marketing opportunities created and develop the lifetime customer relationship.

Our specialist Automotive Fit Out division will deliver your facility, showroom or workshop, with efficient co-ordination and minimum disruption, on time and on budget.

One of our experienced team will be happy to discuss your requirements and help fuel your future success.

What is a car showroom fit out?

Simply put, a car showroom fit out is an ideal way to install and construct everything you’ll need for your car showroom and business to thrive. Whether you require a change in scenery and functionality or require a brand-new environment for your staff and vehicles, a fit out is the service that will make it happen.

Vanguard is the fit out provider to choose to design and construct the ideal interior space for your car dealership and showroom. We use turnkey services and collaborate with you during every step of the journey. A car showroom needs to be functional and visually appealing to attract the biggest pool of clientele and be able to meet customers’ needs. A car showroom fit out is essential for you to provide exceptional customer experience and reinforce your brand image, create new spaces and efficient layouts that showcase your products and staff at their best.

What are the benefits of car showroom fit outs?

It’s time to take your dealership to the next level. The benefits Vanguard’s car showroom fit outs can provide are second to none, with a dedicated team passionate about helping your business succeed.

With new technologies and trends emerging at a moment’s notice, a well-designed fit out allows for flexibility and adaptability. Our fit outs enable your showroom to accommodate future changes in vehicle models, branding updates and technologies, without the need for major renovations.

Another added benefit of this type of fit out is allowing for a consistent and immersive brand experience. By designing and installing new brand values, methods and aesthetics, we help to reinforce a strong brand identity among customers.

A car showroom fit out is an ideal way to make the sales journey feel natural and comfortable. A fit out can include areas and features, such as reception areas, customer lounges, interactive displays and information kiosks, all of which help to improve the customer experience, leaving them more likely to make a purchase.

Your employees are the heart of your dealership, so it’s important to cater to their needs also. A fit out ensures that space will be created allowing for staff to function more efficiently as well as provide environments that help facilitate their downtime.

Vanguard always ensures that your car showroom fit out adheres to all necessary building regulations and safety standards, allowing your staff, customers and products to stay safe.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our case studies of car showroom fit outs that have left each business feeling revitalised and fuelled up for success.

It’s time to drive your business to new heights – give us a call on 01905 759 700 for Vanguard to transform your dealership with a car showroom fit out.



Our Car Showroom Fit Out Process 

Bespoke Consultation 

We get to know your requirements and understand what is important to you regarding your automotive showroom design and fit out. We come out to your site and hold a detailed consultation, getting to know your exact needs and how your commercial fit out will reflect your brand and business goals. All questions are welcome, and the team at Vanguard will help bring your ideal car showroom to life.  


Vanguard has a professional, expert team of designers who will create detailed CAD designs and concept drawings of your fit out considerations. We will continue to adapt these designs to match your requirements, allowing you to see your car showroom and tweak applications if desired. 

Delivering Your Automotive Showroom Design and Fit Out 

Once satisfied with the designs, we begin constructing your car showroom fit out, with our own team of specialist contractors carrying out the work. We love efficiency and aim to build your new space in quick succession, providing dynamic solutions that leaves you benefiting from your car showroom fit out as soon as possible.  


Once everything is in place, your project manager will ensure that everything is in working order and meets our elevated standards. Once we are happy with everything functioning as it should, we will give you a tour of your brand-new car showroom and make sure you are more than satisfied with the finished project. We give you the keys and your car showroom fit out is complete! 

Key Design Requirements

When considering an automotive showroom design and fit out there are several important factors to discuss first. Think about how much stock, or cars, you want on display, as this will indicate how much floor space you require, giving an idea of special awareness for other areas. Much like one of Vanguard’s main aims, you will want to provide solutions that best serve your customers. Consider garages, parking and other transport links to your site, as well as ponder the need for spaces such as client lounges, offices, meeting rooms, photoshoot areas and more.  

Our experts will gladly help with all your considerations and help develop a car showroom fit out that reflects exactly what you’re looking for.  

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