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If your office is starting to look a bit tired, but you don’t want the hassle of relocating to another building, a refurbishment is the way to go. Not only will it give a facelift to a tired space, but it will inject new life and motivation into your team as well as give a greater level of credibility and professionalism to your reputation with clients.  

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Office refurbishment services 

The best aspects of your office are brought out by our industry-leading workspace refurbishment services. From basic renovation to a total redesign, we can convert your current office space with solutions that will transform your business for your employees and your clients. 

Your most essential workplace procedures can be improved by refurbishing your office space. You can free up space, improve team efficiency and save money while you do it. 

For all office refurbishment services, whether small or large, we offer comprehensive, turnkey solutions from design to installation and through planning to completion. Enjoy the benefits of a complete office refurbishment and modernisation without incurring the costs of a complete relocation.  

Over 20 years of industry insights 

Our extensive experience as an office refurbishment company lends to the latest industry insights, benefiting our clients. We understand all safety standards, building regulations, and our process has evolved with the change of technologies and eco-friendly processes. Any questions you may have on office refurbishments can be answered by our knowledgeable team.  



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Our Office refurbishment process

When you’re considering the process of an office refurbishment, you need to begin by deciding what you want to achieve from the procedure and why you want to undertake an office refurbishment. Do you just want to refresh a tired space? Has your business changed, and now the office needs to reflect your new way of business or reflect your current ethos and branding for your clients? Has legislation changed? Do you now need to meet new regulation standards on greener energy? Or are you beginning in a new building and need to create an office from scratch? The start of an office refurbishment must begin with checking with the landlord that what you want to do is permitted. 

Collaboration during every step of an office refurbishment 

We install a collaborative service with each client we perform an office refurbishment for. 

Detailed consultations outlining your desires. 

Integrating your ideas, needs and vision into the designs. 

Planning together the extent of your refurbishment. 

Refurbishing your space to fall in line with your business’s goals. 

Everything in the design stage, from the use of space, ventilation, lighting, and workflow requirements, is discussed in detail with you and your designers and project manager.  

Integrating technology to meet your needs 

Once all structural components are installed, we can integrate the necessary technology throughout your office, including all wiring, lighting, IT infrastructure, connection outpoints, audio-visual systems and more. We refurbish your office to get it up and running with technology in efficient lead times.  


You need to consider the office refurbishment objectives more practically as the creation of the design starts to come together, and these things will include: 

Likes and dislikes – what do you like, or dislike, about the current design that you want to keep or change? 

Safety – the safety of those who will use it needs to be a high priority, and any HSE regulations that should be adhered to in terms of ventilation, heating and fire safety. 

Use of space – a designer will help you plan out the effective use of the available space, you may find it feels as if you have more than you did before with a clever design.  

Ventilation – Making sure that there are good ventilation, heating and cooling systems to keep the office comfortable for your team and clients is vital. 

Lighting and acoustics – trying to keep natural light wherever possible, and where it isn’t using lighting systems that are ecologically friendly and as similar as possible to natural light. 

Sound – consider the acoustics of the space and how you can ensure that there aren’t noisy, echoing acoustics that will be uncomfortable to work in.  

Communication and workflow – how will your team work together most effectively? Do you need communal, open-plan space or separated meeting areas and break-out rooms or a mixture of both – it will depend on how your company works best.  

Communal facilities – restrooms and kitchen facilities enable your team to feel comfortable and relaxed during downtime. 

Technology – make sure that your plan incorporates all the necessary power points and connection outpoints for the internet, telephone and all other communications that your company needs day-to-day. 

Budget – make sure you’re clear on what you are willing to spend to create your office refurbishment and that your refurbishment company is able to deliver what you want within your budget constraints.  

Why choose us for your office fit out in Leamington Spa?

Choosing the right office refurbishment company

Choose your office refurbishment company and work with them to design the ideal space having thought through the factors above. Make sure that all the relevant planning permissions are obtained and that all work will meet safety regulations and comply with accessibility and safety requirements.  

The construction and implementation stage begins. Regular communication with your office refurbishment company will help to ensure that the project stays on track.  

Once the construction and installation are complete, thorough checks and inspections need to be made to ensure that everything meets safety, functionality and quality standards. Setting up the IT infrastructure and moving the team back into their designated spaces to begin benefitting from their newly refurbished office space is the final step

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Why choose an office refurbishment? 

There are a variety of reasons why choosing an office refurbishment will benefit your workplace. It will enhance productivity by optimising layout, lighting and acoustics to make an atmosphere that is more conducive to work and improves employee wellbeing. An office refit can present the opportunity to create a more collaborative space for employees to foster greater levels of communication and teamwork, boosting creativity, innovation and problem-solving.

Modern and appealing office space is also a powerful tool to attract and retain talent amongst your workforce, and while you’re remodelling, you can align the new office refurbishment with your company’s branding and ethos. An office renovation is also a way to future-proof your business by incorporating flexible design elements to allow for growth and expansion in your organisation and it also enables you to integrate sustainable practices and improve energy efficiency – reducing your company’s environmental footprint and lowering running costs. An experienced office refurbishment company, such as Vanguard, will help to tailor the office renovation to maximise the benefits for your unique business and situation.  

Tailored office fit out solutions for every business

What are the benefits of an office refurbishment? 

The benefits of a office refurbishment are clear: 

Enhanced productivity 

Improved employee wellbeing 

Greater collaboration and communication 

Enhanced brand image 

Attract and retain talent 

Adaptability and futureproofing 

Sustainability and energy efficiency 

To begin the process of your new office refurbishment and smarten your image and working space, why not get in touch with a member of our expert team to get a no-obligation, free quote  

If you are looking for a complete workspace transformation, Our office fit out services seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality. Create an inspiring environment that fosters collaboration, boosts morale, and optimises workflows.

Customisation and personalisation 

Bringing our client’s desires and vision to life is Vanguard’s priority. The refurbishment process is a personal and highly customisable one and Vanguard has the leading expertise to follow through on that promise.  

Choose from a range of layouts, partitions and designs. 

Customise the refurbishment to fit within your budget. 

Dedicated solutions to fit with your business goals. 

Flexible design elements in conjunction with your business expansion. 

A wide variety of eco-friendly products to choose from, implementing sustainability.  


At Vanguard Contracts we have a strong ethos of building and developing strong relationships with clients and fulfilling our promises to provide excellent customer service, beautiful installations and within the goals and constraints of time and budget. Our long list of contented clients bears witness to our services – giving you peace of mind that you can trust our team to deliver.

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