Mezzanine Floor Specialist

Vanguard Contracts mezzanine floors are designed, manufactured and installed by specialists and they provide a cost-effective way to maximise your existing space.

Our mezzanine floors combine economical, lightweight construction with superior finish to suit any environment.

We are able to design and install mezzanine floors in isolation or as part of a Turnkey Fit Out in conjunction with our Interior Fit Out services.

Vanguard Contracts are a leading UK designer and installer of mezzanine floors for the retail, commercial, leisure, industrial and storage sectors, taking your business to a higher level.

Mezzanine Floor Contracts

Vanguard Contracts provide cost-effective and intelligent solutions for increasing available square footage.

Our mezzanine floors transform existing space without the need to relocate or expand current premises.

Vanguard do more than just installing steel floors, we can also provide dynamic spaces incorporating storage solutions to increase efficiency and production.

A Vanguard mezzanine is perfectly suited to Retail, Commercial and Industrial applications across any business sector.

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floors Designed For Performance

Vanguard mezzanine floors are lightweight, economical, adaptable and site specific.

Our CAD designers use the latest AutoCAD and 3D Visualisation software to maximise usable space whilst meeting functional and regulatory requirements.

Vanguard Contracts utilise a Turnkey approach which facilitates the coordination of both the design and installation teams.

This practice ensures your usable space is doubled or tripled efficiently, delivering outstanding results and your site ready for occupation.

Design and Build

Turnkey Mezzanine Package

Vanguard Contracts mezzanine floors are designed and installed to meet your capacity needs, budget and schedule.

This process initially begins with a detailed site survey by our qualified Project Engineers before design and calculations are submitted for Building Regulations application and approval.

We manage the procedure of obtaining Building Regulation approval and advise on Building Regulations legislation in respect of fire protection, means of escape and disabled access.

Interior Fit Out

Staircases and Balustrades

Vanguard install high-quality staircases and balustrades for industrial applications, commercial use or public areas. From powder-coated, galvanised industrial finish to frameless structural glass or a completely bespoke design.

All of our installations conform to approved document K and approved document M, together with the latest legislation L good practice.


Platform Lifts for Disabled Access

Platform lifts are a cost-effective solution to providing disabled access. Virtually no building work is required as our platform lifts come supplied with their own integral shaft enclosure.

Our lifts are tailored to suit your exact needs, with a range of options including a choice of size, glazing, powder-coating and fire rating.

All of our installations conform to the latest legislation, good practice, approved document M and EN 81-41 European Lift Standards.

Case Studies

Passenger and Goods Lifts

Passenger and goods lifts capitalise on the space unlocked by multi-tier mezzanine floors and are ideal in large retail stores, warehouses and industrial premises.

Our passenger and goods lifts enable safer and more efficient transfer between floors.

Goods lifts reduce the risk of injury to a single person, improving HSE compliance in respect to manual handling, increasing speed and productivity in the distribution of materials.

Passenger lifts allow for unrestricted and swift circulation between floors with a minimal footprint.

All of our installations conform to the latest legislation Lift Standards EN81-20 and EN81-5

Vanguard’s design-to-installation experts can help to reduce the cost of your development  from the very beginning of your project.

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